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It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

Natural elements are always a source of inspiration for the worlds of art and design.

Whether mimicking structure or capabilities, nature influenced designs are innovative and sometimes unique or even unusual.

However, what happens when natural design goes beyond imitation and protrudes into the everyday?

That must have been one of a series of questions for artist Berndnaut Smilde in creating the idea for his atmospheric, wispy cloud wonders. His cloud formations are art in motion. Appearing in a room by way of a smoke machine, a flowing white cloud drops in and wafts by, then evaporates just like the real thing.

Smilde explained that part of the presentation is that the natural is taken out of its element, which causes it to stand out and be rediscovered.

Watch the vimeo that showcases the cloudy invention and explains the process and lure of the cloud displays.

A cloudy forecast is also in store for Tiago Barros’ Passing Cloud. This unconventional transportation concept certainly challenges tradition.

It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

Image source: cargocollective.com/tiagobarros/Passing-Cloud

Constructed of globular balloons that resemble a massive cloud, the structure has internal components made of stainless steel encased with a strong, flexible nylon. It will free float along with the power of the wind, though it may be difficult to locate passengers keen enough to go on a ride if it were really up and running.

It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

Image source: cargocollective.com/tiagobarros/Passing-Cloud

Another cloud inspired object comes from designer Mathieu Lehanneur. It doesn’t vaporize or transport, but his Cloudy lamp does have high-luminosity LEDs that produce efficient, bright lighting. It can be sat on a surface or hung as if suspended in the air. The bulb is formed from a white glass that is made to look like the sunlight shining through after a rainstorm.

It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

Image source: mathieulehanneur.fr

Need more cloudy days? Check out this photo by photographer and artist Lissy Elle Laricchia that comes with a message.

While most of us just get to look up at the clouds, a few with inventive eyes and a mind to match get to make them.

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