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City Spaces That Smile

If you have ever had to reside in a drab, concrete city space, you may appreciate the following residences that have a few sunny details that help liven up their look.

Both individualistic and industrial, this uniquely presented Australian home is an original take on residential structures.

City Spaces That Smile

From Of Diverse Research Architects, the exterior is partly dressed in corrugated sheet metal and has interesting angles and neat window positioning.

City Spaces That Smile City Spaces That Smile

Often, city lots lose out on room for the outdoors, but the architects were able to squeeze in an area between the building spaces.

City Spaces That Smile

The rooftop deck offers a premium outside spot, too.

City Spaces That Smile

Designed to pay homage to the cityscape, the buildings mimic familiar suburban sites.

From the designers:

“We accept that there may be those that disagree with our proposition, but we ask them to look beyond the skin and accept the substance. For if we have freedom of speech, freedom to wear what we like, freedom to style our hair as we please, should we not have freedom to live in what we want?”

City Spaces That Smile City Spaces That Smile City Spaces That Smile

Above images via Of Diverse Research Architects.

Apartments can be a challenge to design, as often rental spaces have decoration or space restrictions.

This compact family apartment in Taiwan was reimagined by House Design.

City Spaces That Smile

This firm often includes nature focused interiors that have pops of color and rooms with an internationally inspired feel.

City Spaces That Smile City Spaces That Smile

Though many may not want their rooms designed around a television, this large screen swivels all around to face whatever zone it is needed in. The reverse side cheerily doubles as an art piece.

City Spaces That Smile City Spaces That Smile

The open floor plan and wood materials used throughout provide a warm and friendly ambiance. The whimsical dining table brings the outdoors in, and is a fun detail in the home.

City Spaces That Smile

Above images via House Design.

Whether dealing with being small on space or feeling constricted in style, seeing how others pull together their city spaces can be inspiring.

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