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The Evolution Of The Supermarket

For decades, the image of a cement building with names such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Price Chopper, or even Dad’s Grocery plastered on them have been the design standard for marketplaces worldwide.

Groceries, hardware stores, etc, all follow this model. It hasn’t evolved in the past two centuries, at least, not until now. The image below marks a significant upgrade from the tired old designs we’re used to seeing, and it comes from China.


The asian superpower has recently proven itself as quite the innovator in recent years when it comes to architecture. It began with the giant “nest” created for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, when the nation made headlines for its attempts to clean up the city’s pollution ahead of the world’s largest sporting event.

Now they’re taking a page straight out of the playbook of architects over in Dubai, and recently showed the world their ambitious plans to design the next phase of supermarkets; half outdoors, half indoors, and 100% resembling the design work one would typically find in ancient Mayan ruins.

It will be a beautiful place to shop, interact, eat, and enjoy the outdoors once it’s completed next year. The aesthetics are gorgeous, and the entire complex looks strikingly like an art piece.

The food drop-offs will take place underground, as will the majority of the shopping experience. A glass lobby will greet customers as they enter the doors. The supermarket is meant to leave a minimal carbon footprint, and combines the actual architecture with natural flowers, plants, trees, and other greenery, to create an oxygen-rich plaza.

It’s the world’s first, though it won’t be alone for long. One can only imagine the benefits of such a marketplace, especially in smoggy cities. The tired old grocery standard is long overdue for a facelift, and this might be just the thing for the job.



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