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A Chair Made from the Elements

Growing your own furniture might seem like a crazy idea, but some designers are already experimenting with this weird and wonderful concept.

That is the case of Erez Nevi Pana who is growing his own furniture from natural materials and watches it grow!

"Soilid" Chair is Made from Baked Soil and Fungi

Image source: www.papipana.com

Made from a mix of soil, fungi and other natural materials, “Soilid” is Pana‘s first experimentation with these kinds of elements, which are common in the garden but rarely seen within the design world.

To make this odd looking chair the materials are first measured by volume and weight, and then mixed all together.

The mix is then shaped and molded using either a plaster or wooden mold and left there to settle. Once it’s into shape the earthy design is left to rise overnight at room temperature.

After that, the earthy piece is baked in an oven, becoming a solid and strong structure that can be sanded, sawn and drilled into the desired design.

"Soilid" Chair is Made from Baked Soil and Fungi

Image source: www.papipana.com

We don’t know exactly what other ingredients, apart from the soil and fungi, “Soilid” is made from, but what we do know is that the soil with fungi and sugars creates a chemical reaction that allows the “dough” to rise and double in size, making the most out of little ingredients.

The real beauty in Pana’s earthy designs is not how comfortable you can sit on or how well will look in your home, its beauty relies on the ready-available materials that have been taken out of context to create a functional piece of furniture.

“Soilid” is entirely made from low-cost widely available ingredients, so it could easily be produced just about anywhere in the world.

"Soilid" Chair is Made from Baked Soil and Fungi

Image source: www.papipana.com

For the moment Pana has created just one simple design from the mix but we are already predicting some more fantastic furniture made from baked soil and fungi.

After all, it’s easy to make and beautiful to watch grow!

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