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Get Organized with Cereal Boxes


Image source: Pinterest

While often adding to the clutter of empty food containers in your recycle bin, cereal boxes can actually be used to detract from waste accumulation and even serve to keep your house organized.


Image source: Pinterest

As implied with the directions above, making your own cereal box organizer is quite easy, indeed. You may even wrap it with old newspaper instead. But this is not the only way in which you can to style your organizer. Courtesy of Pinterest, below are examples of alternate styles that fit just as nicely into any office or workspace as they would into a child’s play area. Combine them all if you wish to really utilize each one’s unique contribution to space efficiency.


Image source: Pinterest

Hanging or mountable organizers work best for storing mail, magazines, and children’s projects. That way, works in progress and other documents still in use are handy when you need them, and can be put away in a hurry without seeking the refuge of a drawer. You can also add magnets to the back of organizers and stick them to the fridge. This is a great way to keep to-do lists or homework out of the way, yet displayed where you won’t forget them.


Image source: Pinterest

You can further departmentalize your organizers by adding interior storage units. This is easily done by cutting the bottoms off cereal boxes and arranging them so they fit together like Tetris blocks. These, too, can be covered with leftover wrapping paper, or those odd scraps of fabric one keeps but never knows what to do with.


Image source: Pinterest

Of course, you needn’t limit yourself to cereal boxes. Any other packaging or empty storage containers you have on hand will work just a splendidly. Obviously, though, a rectangular exterior is preferred. Try the above with small postal boxes, empty snack boxes, shoe-boxes, and shipping containers.

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