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Skate-Boards Made From Carrots

Biocouture, renowned for their merging of science and design, including textiles fashioned from bacteria, teamed with German skateboard company Wefunk – as posted on their website’s official ‘aetlier’ blog.


Image source: biocouture.co.uk

The outcome, though currently evasive in the media sphere, manifests as a long-board comprised of cellulose derived from carrot crop waste. The project was completed with the help of CelluComp and Wefunk designer, Alex Luxat.


Image source: cellucomp.com

The former is a new material science company based in Scotland. They supplied the project with the materials, made primarily from carrot waste (though the waste of other root vegetables are used also), which they call Curran.


Image source: cellucomp.com

The material comes in the form of paste, powder, sheets, and tags; the last of which appears like coconut shreds. Vegetables used are taken from the waste stream of commercial food processors.


Image source: cellucomp.com

To create Curran, nano-cellulose fibers are extracted from these vegetables. It is used in paints, coatings, and composite applications; it is favored for possessing both stiffness and strength at a light weight.

Beyond utilizing, and therefore reducing, food waste, the company’s products are chemical free alternatives that can be applied to a broad range of products, including sporting goods and cosmetics.

Wefunk, too, is not unfamiliar with the concept of developments toward sustainability. They have a high frequency method of gluing and curing their long-boards that uses less resin and only a fraction of the energy of traditionally crafted decks.

The company further elaborates on their Facebook page:

“…..Literally everything from debarking the logs, cooking them, cutting the veneers, drying the veneers, pressing the decks, CNCing and finishing them takes place in one manufacturing plant. That keeps transportation ways to a minimum and further reduces the CO2 footprint of every deck…..”

Wefunk is, to the best of their knowledge, the first company to implement this technology during the decks’ pressing and curing phases.

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