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Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

It’s no secret that kids love cardboard boxes.

Save up this useful material and check out the projects below for quality crafts that will keep kids interested.

Foldschool turns plain cardboard boxes into useable kid sized stools, chairs and even rockers, as seen in their pictures below. Free downloadable projects with printable patterns and instructions let kids be in control and practice basic building concepts while making durable furniture.

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

Designed by architect Nicola Stäubli, the cardboard furniture series offers children a practical exercise in fundamental craft skills through a real, non-condescending approach. According to Stäubli:

Mass culture is run by superficiality and ecological absurdity. Foldschool supports craftsmanship as a face-to-face approach to design and brings together product and user the closest possible. The mindset of foldschool is to restore design to one of its original missions: to provide a product at an affordable price through a smart manufacturing process.

Kids can also make their own furniture for dolls and action figures from leftover cardboard pieces. Martha Stewart has free templates for miniature chairs, tables and beds. This treehouse also welcomes small friends.

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

Image source: marthastewart.com

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

Image source: spoonful.com

Along with lessons in construction and following directions kids can have a part in the final design process, too. The finished cardboard products can be colored, painted or adorned with favorite objects to give it a personalized touch. For great tips on using everyday around the house cardboard, ikatbag shows the basics of cutting, bending, making slot joints and other inspirations for accumulating a cardboard stash.

Another attempt to decrease kid related over-consumption, Toytoy was a line of practical cardboard furniture that surfaced a few years back. Watching this vimeo makes construction with cardboard look easy:

This DIY shows you the technique to make your own cardboard dresser with drawers using cereal boxes.

Need more cardboard craft ideas? Instructables like cereal box butterflies, canoes, rocket ships and play domes are just a few more samples of the endless designs that can be constructed with cardboard.

Simple cardboard boxes are great tools for teaching children the functionality of reusing and the fun of the design process.

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