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The Canopy Tower Apartments Envelope Tenants in Nature


Image source: Boutique-Designs.com

The Canopy is a concept apartment tower conceived by Boutique Designs, a Hong Kong based design agency, as a means of merging urban efficiency with nature. The project will achieve this through the tower’s optimized structure, designed to lower construction costs and simplify reproduction. The structure’s energy-efficient properties are acquired through implementation of a glass facade, which grants tenants 360-degree exposure to sunlight, and an AC compressor; in addition to the abundance of plant-life perching throughout both the building’s interior and exterior.


Image source: Boutique-Designs.com

Gracing the tower with more than sylvan beauty, the trees lend their talent for capturing pollutant particles in the air, providing tenants with higher air-quality. This would certainly be prized in a country where a majority of citizens receive high levels of exposure to soot and other pollutants on a daily basis.


Image source: Boutique-Designs.com

The tower comfortably houses 54 duplex apartments, in addition to a common area and commercial space. The residential space is comprised of several tiers, each harboring two apartments. Units are wedge-shaped, allowing them to evenly align to form a circle. This creates a ring of natural light that spills into each unit’s generously-sized windows.


Image source: Boutique-Designs.com

Each tier of the tower is traced with a ribbon of foliage, which manifests in the form of terrace-enclosed balconies, brimming with trees and other plant-life. During the summer, the natural shade from the plants and terraces reduce the cost and energy expenditures of AC usage.


Image source: Boutique-Designs.com


Image source: boutique-design.com


Image source: Boutique-Designs.com

As with most modern apartments, units do have standardized floor-plans – which is what lowers construction costs in the first place. However, the simplicity and openness of the layout allows the outdoors to become coextensive with every room of the flat.

Interiors make the most of the space granted to them, with storage units utilizing nooks and conforming to the walls as they taper in diagonally. This isn’t to infer a lack of space, however, as units offer up a lot of square footage; 1150 sf fill the interior alone, with an additional 525 sf of yard space sprawled throughout each balcony.


Image source: boutique-design.com

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