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9 Storey Building Made From Plastic Bottles


Image source: www.asiancorrespondent.com

In mid 2011 in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, there was an unusual building built. The EcoArk Pavilion was built out of 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles.

The nine storey tall structure was built from Polli-bricks. Polli-bricks are a revolutionary building material made from 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Polymer. It is translucent, naturally insulated, and durable.

The bricks are a 3-D honeycomb of interlocking bottles composed from recycled plastic bottles.  The Polli-brick panel can sustain lateral force up to 1.5 times the worst hurricane recorded without any damage.

Polli-brick can be integrated with solar powered LED lights. These embedded solar powered LED’s capture rays during the day and in turn run all of the EcoArk’s lighting system.  The EcoArk Pavilion weighs 50 percent less than a normal building structure.  Performance enhanced films help protect it from UV rays, water, and fire.

Taiwan’s Far Eastern Group is the largest producer of PET bottles, and its Chairman Douglas Hsu was concerned about the waste from his company. He was happy to work with a local architect Arthur Huang to make Polli-Bricks™.

A blowout method on the PET plastics was devised in order to successfully create the Polli-Bricks™. The EcoArk Pavilion has been used for a fashion show, a film festival, and other community events.

The EcoARK Pavilion was disassembled and distributed to over 100 elementary and junior high schools all over Taiwan in-order to teach children about the importance of recycling.

These new structures were made up of solar panels and Polli-Bricks™, and  use Waste Fiber Infused Thermoplastic, a new material currently being developed at MINIWIZ.

Eco-Ark Building

Image source: www.identifyableblogspot.com

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