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Bringing In The Trees

Apartment and office spaces are not usually known for the trees in their landscaping.

However, Vo Trong Nghia Architects has found a unique way to incorporate this often overlooked aspect into some of their projects.

One of their residential designs called House For Trees includes amazing views of a vertical treetop canopy.

Bringing In The Trees

House for Trees is a prototype that seeks to reforest Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which due to increases in population, traffic congestion and city bustle has reportedly lost much of its original tree lined areas.

The plan for the residential area adhered to a budget. The design idea takes 5 large concrete boxes and tops each of them with massive planter-like containers, filled with tropical plants.

Alone, the apartment complexes might look somewhat plain, but including the large trees literally tops off the space.

Bringing In The Trees

The top of the buildings contain a soil layer for the plants, but this also adds a protective element. The design operates as a water basin system which retains water during storms and severe weather. This can alleviate some of the water overflow in areas that are prone to flooding.

Bringing In The Trees Bringing In The Trees Bringing In The Trees Bringing In The Trees

Another project from the architectural firm that adds a connected-to-nature element is located in Danang, Vietnam. The Trees Building is an original plan for an office space that would offer an exciting view for every employee.

Putting a much needed spin on the dated, dull office cubicle area, this design would definitely brighten up the workplace.

Bringing In The Trees

The pillars provide weight support for the structures, and the columns have a large enough ground area so that the trees can successfully root.

Including nature as part of the process lends to an outcome that will offer more aesthetic qualities as well as healthful benefits that man-made designs alone can’t accomplish.

All images are © Vo Trong Nghia Architects.

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