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Nests from Bricks

Urban areas are famously well-known for destroying ecosystems during the process of developing housing centers, apartments, offices.

Many natural habitats are killed during construction and hardly any attempts are made at replacing the loss of animal and plant life.

Therefore, it is our responsibility as homeowners and curators to make sure the reintroduction of life to our living space is accomplished. Biodiversity is a necessary thing for the continuity of our existence and living in mutual cohesion with the Earth greatly benefits everyone. It’s easy to create a sustainable ecosystem in your own backyard, or even on the walls of your home.

Bird feeders are a great way to spruce up your living space, as are birdhouses. Not just the kind you hang from your tree or stick in the ground, but ones that encourage animal growth. One easy method is to integrate habitats right into the construction of your house with hand-crafted Brick Habitats from designer Chooi-leng Tan.

These bricks come in three different shapes and styles, and can be stacked together, side-by-side, on top of one another. Their main purpose is to attract animal life to the area, such as birds, plants, and insects. You simply place water and food inside the brick and wait for a response. The bricks are also a great way to teach your children the value of living for mutual benefit with the environment.

You can customize the color of the bricks to fit the design of your home so they look like extensions of your house rather than additions. There isn’t much upkeep of the bricks required because the rain will clean off dust and dirt or you could simply spray them down with a hose. The bricks can be placed on houses, buildings, garages, cabins, etc.

They’re a neat and inexpensive way to sustain the environment around you.


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