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PUMA’s Sustainable Line

Puma presents their newest concept of sustainable footwear, apparel and accessories for Spring/ Summer 2013.

The product will be sold to help its consumers reduce waste and lessen their personal environmental footprints.

PUMA will be launching a collection of shoes, apparel and accessories that are either biodegradable or recyclable.

When consumers return the used goods to PUMA’s “Bring Me Back Program,” the work will be done for them. With the PUMA “InCycle” collection set to hit stores in Spring/ Summer 2013, PUMA will take the first step toward reducing the environmental footprint of its consumers’ disposal.

By taking on the challenge of launching an entire line that is either biodegradable or recyclable PUMA is making noise and wants to be heard.

The PUMA InCycle collection includes the Lifestyle Sneaker Basket (biodegradable), the legendary PUMA Track Jacket (recyclable), shirts (biodegradable) a backpack (recyclable) and other things. According to PUMA’s 2010 profit-and-loss statement, production of raw materials such as leather, cotton and rubber are over 50% of PUMA’s environmental impact.

PUMA took notice and wanted to begin increasing the number of products made of more sustainable materials. PUMA InCycle uses biodegradable polymers, recycled polyester, organic cotton and other biodegradables to eliminate harmful hazards.

The PUMA track jacket is made using 98% recycled PET bottles. The backpacks will be 100% polypropylene. The biodegradable athletic shoe, the “Basket,” will be made with organic cotton and linen. The sole will be made out of biodegradable plastic. Every product within the PUMA InCycle collection will be labeled under the trademarked Cradle to Cradle certification program. Cradle to Cradle is the leading “green” certification program using a multi-criteria approach to address product design and manufacture from a sustainable perspective.

But, you can’t just dump a jacket in the recycling bin or bury your worn out sneakers in your garden. With PUMA’s “Bring Me Back” program, customers can return those unwanted and worn goods to the company’s stores. PUMA then does their part and will ship the products back to their suppliers and have them recycle the goods into new products. As for biodegradable clothing, one of PUMA’s contractors will shred them at an industrial composting facility.

The PUMA InCycle collection will debut in Puma stores worldwide in February.

Image: citizenbrooklyn.com

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