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Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

Bioclimatic homes can offer many benefits suited to their specific locations.

Bioclimatic designs take into account the building site’s regional climate and matches architectural features that will benefit the space. Working with the average temperature in mind, structures and elements are laid out in specific ways as to conserve energy.

One residence in France showcases a bioclimatic design with all the visual trimmings. From a.typique Patrice Bideau Architects, this home located on a beautiful shoreline has impressive green features.

Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

Constructed from wood and concrete, the home incorporates several low energy techniques including thermodynamic heating, a highly efficient hot water tank and a humidity regulated ventilation system. There is also a wood burning stove for a backup heat source.

A canopied entryway creates shelter for those entering the home and also provides shading. The arched roof portions are made from materials that include slate and zinc. Concrete blocks, cladding, wood framing insulation and wooden floors were built to make the most of the thermal properties, offering a comfortable temperature all year long.

Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

A wraparound deck at the back of the house invites a look at the landscaped yard, which has several plots for current and future plantings. Materials like wood and stones are used for their ability to soak up the sun and naturally warm up the area.

Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

The swimming pool does not require chemical upkeep, and its unique shape lends to a more natural look in the outdoor space.

The home was situated on its lot to allow ideal planting space for a vegetable garden. The way the garden was positioned and planted allows safeguarding from the western winds.

Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

A conservatory off of the kitchen allows space for a winter garden. Its location produces extra heat during winter months, and can be left open during warmer weather to allow ventilation for other rooms.

Bioclimatic Home Creates An Outdoor Connection

A smart home with onsite garden areas that offers a modern take on the combination of living space and nature based design, this bioclimatic house is a nice break from the ordinary.

All images are via Armel ISTIN, a.typique Patrice Bideau Architects.

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