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Bin Designs that Make Recycling More Fun

Recycling bins, though necessary items, aren’t always that aesthetically pleasing.

Some designers are offering samples that are trying to break this mold, and are creating functional, efficient receptacles.

In the last year, some recycling bins in Portugal have been receiving makeovers. Designed by AND-RÉ, the bins are commercial models of a new way to make a needed object. The system’s colorful look makes recycling more inviting. They also have a neat name and shape that are no doubt inspired by an old favorite.

Pacman by AND-RÉ

Image source: Pacman by AND-RÉ

More than just pretty on the outside, the designers made the inside just as appealing. Durably made of stainless steel and composite fiber material, the bins have an internal sorting system which is designed to hold waste on one side and paper, glass and other recyclables in the other portions.

The side that contains paper and glass stores it in a holding compartment and the part for garbage is made with a rotary drum that works when the lid is opened or closed to help contain odors. Smartly designed with a pedal system to limit germs in public areas, the sleek, round shaped bins are also easily cleanable and allow rainwater to run right off.

More than just well organized, the award winning e-Bin is made from carbon fiber and is light yet sturdy and can be used inside or out.

Though it looks a bit science fiction-y, the working  mechanisms are straight out of a high tech series. The bin actually has solar powered electronic components that alert the user or local recycling provider when it is full so they can come and gather the materials. It also provides locations of other close by e-Bins.

Bin Designs that Make Recycling More Fun

Image source: core77.com/blog/business/the_4thbin_design_competition_winners_14832.asp

Don’t need a huge recycling bin? If you have the need for a space saving, all in one design, Miren Arrieta-Odria has that covered. This kid friendly vertical model has four different detachable areas that hold recyclables and trash.

Bins That Make Recycling More Fun

Image source: cargocollective.com/miren/Recycling-garbage-dump

Bin Designs that Make Recycling More Fun

It has a base that holds water so it stabilizes itself. Unfortunately it is only a design project, but consumers would likely welcome the concept. Manufacturing it in different sized versions would also be beneficial for various sized households.

Designs that are industrious and visually delightful will hopefully become more than prototypes.

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