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Beautiful Bottled Design

Endless interesting things can be made with recycled glass bottles.

They are the perfect material for craft projects as well as upscale designs.

However, one extensively gorgeous project is hard to surpass. “Project” may not be the correct term, however.

Named Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, although the local given name is The Million Bottle Temple, it is a breathtakingly delicate workhorse of a structure. Located in Thailand in the Sisaket province in Khun Han, this Buddhist temple is a modern take on recycled design.

The building was started in 1984 and is made of more than 1 million glass bottles, mostly including beer and other once alcohol holding beverage containers.

The bottles have been intricately placed throughout the construction, forming entire wall portions, parts of interior rooms, fixtures and decorative displays. The bottle caps have even been used to maximize the reuse potential of the containers.

The bottles kept coming, being brought in from local residents and with an abundance of the containers lying around temple residents began to creatively add on to other parts of the temple and around the landscaping.

Though hand blown pieces from skilled glass artists normally surpass commercially mass produced items, this habitable work of art has found a way to make the conventional bottle an art form. Each glass piece that was once just someone’s beverage now strikingly leads to the next.

This example of the ordinary turned art is a visual representation of what individual pieces can accomplish when unified.

The recycling minded endeavor is also a smart building design. The bottles are water resistant, easily cleaned and do not fade like some other exterior materials. The colorful bottles also create a stunning display as sunlight filters through them.

Elaborate in detail, though perhaps more unbelievable than the actual imagery is the thought that each bottle was hand placed.

Take a video tour courtesy of milucarme on YouTube:

All images from: RENEW PURPOSE

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