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Kids can accumulate lots of toys.

Artists are always coming up with new ways to use old materials, and the following are a few examples of those who have incorporated both new and old for interesting interior accents and exhibition pieces that give reusable design a playful edge.

Ryan McElhinney has combined a functional way to repurpose toys. Taking the basic desk lamp and adding an element of spirited liveliness, the Toy Lamp was born. Forming recycled toys around the lamp, he fuses them and finishes off the final assembly with a glossy coat.











This design can be replicated at home, and is a great way to reuse toys that are no longer played with but are still wanted. Great for kids and adults who have childhood toys stashed away in a closet (you know who you are). Dust them off and consider displaying them in a more grown up fashion.

Hiroshi Fuji has produced many displays and held events with a focus on recycling. Bringing attention to what can be accomplished using tossed out and unused objects, he produces elaborate installations with toys. After gathering the cast off or donated playthings from various places he creates remarkable toy landscapes.

Expressing the grandeur of childhood as well as the opulent abundance of waste, his projects are stimulating spectacles.

Architect Greg Lynn has constructed a series of new furniture designs using recycled toys. Experimenting with the rules of traditional structures, the forms are perceptibly more statement than fixtures. Interweaving the fundamental need for large scale recycling progress with aesthetic architectural splendor, the outcome is a unique adventure.

There is a video about the recycled toy furniture on You Tube. Also, toy donations are welcome.

Feeling a little inspired to find a new life for beloved toys? Check out apartment therapy for 10 uncomplicated, do it yourself projects.

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