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Bicycle Chains Upcycled Into Chandeliers

A few years back, a multidisciplinary artist had a particular inspiration for integrating unusually recycled materials with her designs.

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga created spectacular chandeliers from old bicycle chains, rims and other parts for an artistic undertaking called the Connect Series.

The materials to create the vision were salvaged from numerous local bike shops and junkyards, blending the ideas of waste and art form. The chains were all manually cleaned of their greasy residues and finishes were not typically applied to the final products.

In developing the series, the concept of the chandelier was recreated, no longer clinging to the dainty, shimmery concept of the traditional light form. Her work revealed a design that was sturdy yet glorious in presentation.

The mix of biking meets elegance is more than visual displays and lighting, though. The Connect Series are also strong statement pieces, reflecting social class and influence. Though the core and framework may come from discarded, uncared for and unused objects, the ability to transform into powerful, operative masterpieces is still present.

“This series addresses class codes, power dynamics, reclaimed agency, and ecological responsibility. The traditional chandelier is seen as a bourgeois commodity, a cachet of affluence, excess, and as such, power. The recycled bicycle parts become a representation of the dismissed, invisible, and powerless, but are also an affirmation of self-propelled movement.”

– Carolina Fontoura Alzaga referring to her Connect Series

Using non-traditional materials to create inventive, functional works is a testament to what talented visionaries are capable of.

Image Source: Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

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