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Shipping Containers Provide Shelter to Animals


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The Getto2Garden initiative is a project based in Santo Domingo, in partnership with the Colectivo Revark architectural group and the Practivistas Dominicana Program.
Originally designed to provide housing to 40 dogs and 6 cats, the project up-cycles materials like shipping containers, old tires, and plastic tanks, turning them into shelter space for animals.

The space manifests as colorful, cube-shaped units, which are stacked above and alongside each other. Each unit is roomy enough to provide its animal tenants with adequate space for play, sleep, and relaxation.

The multilevel shelter is placed on a partially-fenced elevation, which will undoubtedly help to prevent water seepage from entering the living space. Extending from each platform are planks crafted from plywood, allowing for calm excursions to the surrounding ‘lawn’. Beyond utilizing recycled materials, the shelter harvests power from wind and solar generators. Rain is also captured, used along with an organic food waste digester to supplement the shelter’s water supply and reduce landfill waste.

Despite the project’s initial goal, the shelter now serves 50 dogs and ten cats. These are animals would otherwise be subjected to horrible conditions in rough neighborhoods. Within these ghettos, food is scarce and water sources are highly contaminated. Furthermore, animals are at constant risk of rabies transmission, ear-worms, and cruel treatment from human inhabitants and other, feral animals.

As an on-going project, Ghetto2Garden accepts help from fellow citizens in the form of volunteer work and donations. This can include pet food and supplies, as well as used materials for building more shelter space. So, if you need to rid your yard or basement of scrap items, be it shipping pallets or boxes, you can contribute to the effort yourself and do a little house-cleansing along the way.

To help or donate materials to the shelter, visit the Ghetto2Garden Facebook page by clicking here.

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