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Could you imagine praying in a beer bottle Buddhist temple? Or living in a two story shipping container? You might find it unbelievable but it is completely possible.

In Thailand’s Sisaket province, Buddhist monks collected a million bottles to build the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew Temple. The temple is built from recycled Heineken bottles and local Chang beer bottles in browns and greens.

Temple of Beer Bottles

Image source: www.atlasobscura.com

If that is not creative enough for you a three bedroom, two story home made out of old shipping containers is a perfect mobile home in Sydney. The home features two bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen and complete air conditioning within its blue exterior.

For a bit of a country living experience you could build a silo home that comes fully stocked with multiple bedrooms, baths, and a gorgeous kitchen just like the one of Earl’s Montesilo home. Silos were traditionally used for storing grain.

Montesilo House

Image source: www.montesilo.blogspot.com.au

Or maybe you love the look of the sea. Recycled unseaworthy ships make spectacular seaside homes. House boats are amazing for recycled homes as they generally already come with a kitchen and bathroom and a deck for a perfect front porch.

What about recycled structures for backyards and gardens. Pallets are a fantastic source to build greenhouses with and install gardens into the walls and lift windows for lighting. The pallet greenhouses can be painted and sealed or left natural for a country feel.

Probably the most extreme of recycled housing structures is the hotel suite made from a 727 Boeing plane in Costa Rica. The plane features two guest rooms with three beds, a shower, and even a gorgeous wood patio with a stunning view. Just down the way from the suite is another recycled plane that is a restaurant and bar.

Costa Rica Boeing Hotel

Image source: www.boardingarea.com


Before spending $250,000 on your next home think about these creative recycled homes and the eclectic lifestyle they can provide.

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