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How Buildings Affect Us

I have come to realize in my work as an architect, developing legislation for energy efficiency and in helping State entities to build greener buildings that we lack comprehension about the magnitude of the role buildings play in our lives.

Each and every building has an affect on those of us that use it

Each and every building has an affect on the natural world

Each building is built for use and affects our well-being.  Children attend school, we go to work or attend church, we run at the gym or we meet in a coffee shop and we pick up our groceries, laundry, mail…all in buildings designed and built by someone with a time frame and a budget and a general idea of what is needed for that building.

We spend, on average, 90% of our time indoors

  • Well-designed buildings can help us to maintain our good health.
  • Understanding building science and creating buildings with a simple, usable, classic style means buildings will last longer and be loved for longer.
  • An efficient building will use fewer resources, saving money.
  • There is a great environmental and economic advantage to a properly sited building that maximizes use of the immediate landscape and weather.

We have an unparalleled opportunity to be healthier and more productive, to show respect for our environment through use of local materials and responsible resource use.  To save money through effective energy management and use of materials in the new buildings we create and in the facilities we renovate for continued use.

In short, our sustainable future begins now.  “We shape our buildings and afterwards they shape us”  Winston Churchill

Think, and be greener.

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