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A Moldy Home Could Be A Good Thing


Image source: www.upc.edu

Traditionally, it is considered dirty and unwanted to have mold on your home.

We create paints and varnishes that repel moisture and seedlings from plants, vines, and other naturally growing “things”.

However, researchers at Barcelona Tech (UPC) decided that mold should be a featured piece on homes and buildings. They created a wall that promotes the growth of fungi and lichens.

It begins with a structured layer of cement protected by waterproof materials. The biological layer comes next, which allows water to accumulate inside of it for colonisation. Instead of repelling moss and lichens, it helps with the development of biological organisms.

The final coating acts as a reverse waterproof. It lets in rainwater and runoff, and prevents it from escaping. This allows the water to be directed to the biological layer, for moss and fungi growth. This wall also absorbs CO2 and insulates the building.

On top of working as a natural heat source, the moldy wall also looks amazing. It truly promotes the evolution of “green architecture” and displays how to properly use nature and technology for utilitarian purposes. The coating can be used with many various types of buildings, and can be colored and shaded depending on the type of look the architects are going for.

The researcher’s goal was to create a building that has the look and feel of a painting. And since the researchers are based out of sunny Barcelona, it would appear that this type of natural coating would only work in warmer temperatures. Perhaps with changes to the painting material, the coating may also perform similarly in colder climates. There isn’t a price estimate or a manufacturing date, as this is still in the laboratory stage.

Hopefully the testing and experimenting process will be short and sweet, because it’s easy to imagine just how many people would appreciate this style of green construction.

It would be truly wonderful to see entire cities covered in mold, which admittedly sounds gross, but for the purpose it would serve, moldy buildings are the way to go.


Image source: www.media.treehugger.com

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