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A Twisted Prize No One Wants To Win

Ever heard the phrase “learn from your mistakes”?

Well one unique competition is on the table that architects, designers and engineers don’t want to win, as mistakes are what make the un-coveted award attainable.

The Dead Prize, which stands for the Detrimental Engineering Architecture and Design Prize, is not quite the acknowledgment that is wanted by those in their respective fields. The provocative competition seeks to uncover the ways in which engineering, architectural and design processes can affect the environment, and will uncover those voted as the top adverse offenders.

With an early interest in architecture and a longstanding career in the industry the creator and founder of the prize, Cameron Sinclair, also has an avid interest in environmental issues and an interesting way of seeing things, which is probably what initiated the idea.

Though the gist of the competition is not meant to be negative, but is intended to raise awareness and constructive criticism about architectural and engineering developments, and how some designs may fall short of sustainability and ecological considerations.

Sinclair stated of the Dead Prize:

It became apparent that the failures of design could have just as big an impact as our successes.

Chosen judges will be deemed the expert design dieners, or morgue assistants, and will select the winning losers. Currently, submissions for nominations are being accepted through the November 1st deadline of this year at their twitter account or send an email to info@deadprize.com. Those who make the unfortunate list will be revealed in December, with the top of the not so ecofriendly crop scheduled to be revealed in early 2015.

As a future goal, Dead Prize affiliates would like to see a follow up project that offers a designated victor the chance to come up with solutions to modify and improve their less than desirable design.

The images shown are some of those listed on their website as part of the Dead Pool:

A Twisted Prize No One Wants To Win

Image source: via REUTERS/Nir Elias; A deadly apartment collapse in Shanghai.

A Twisted Prize No One Wants To Win

Image source: via kcet.org; Provided by the Los Angeles Public Library. The St. Francis Dam prior to failure.

A Twisted Prize No One Wants To Win

Image source: Morrison’s Bananas: The opposite of smart product packaging.

Place your vote or let us know what structure, design or invention you feel is regrettably worthy of being nominated in the comments section below.

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