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A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

Seaside homes are normally impressive, just due to their location. Residing in a home with gorgeous water views would be a welcoming lifestyle.

One home located in Bulgaria that provides an interesting take on coastal living is called the Equinox Passive House​.

A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

With a focus on natural light and temperature maintenance, the residence from Ignatov Architects takes into account seasonal progressions and their effects on interior warmth and lighting. The architects created the home constructed in concrete and stone to be a low energy design.

The positioning of the home’s foundation was a significant consideration in obtaining the most power from the sun’s directionality.

A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

Glass panels placed at certain points on the home help to hold in and distribute sunlight throughout the inside. The shape of the structure helps to optimize the passive interior heating and cooling capabilities.

Solar panels are strategically placed to collect the most sunlight in order to use it for the heating and cooling systems. The green rooftop gives a unique look to the home. And according to the architects, it also provides a 95% total terrain recapture, increasing the sustainability of the construction.

A curious feature is created from stone on the top of the house. A lens-like cut out area in a structure on the roof points a line of sunlight downward on bright days, which is reportedly then directed to a clock in the living area.

A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

With attention to energy efficiency and smart passive design techniques, there is also a focus on the outdoors and the beautiful coastal views.

A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

All images are via Ignatov Architects and the home can also be toured on Tréndir.

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