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A Room Divided

Bookshelves and storage units can add organization to a space. They can also be used for another purpose.

Creating a space with a room divider can be a cost efficient way to add an extra room. Adding storage into the mix provides a double duty design that can totally rework an existing area.

This kitchen with floor to ceiling shelving that is almost reminiscent of library units creates a barrier to the other room without completely obstructing it. The wood matches the cabinetry and ceiling, and allows the shelving to blend in.

A Room Divided

A movable wall panel blocks off a sitting area and provides media storage.

A Room Divided

Custom shelving is obviously nice, but this concept can also be done with purchased shelves or bookcases.

A Room Divided

This ideal is also perfect for rooms that need added areas, or to zone off spaces. As seen in the Nakai House design, a bookshelf that runs along the length of the home adds instant functional walls.

Using salvaged wooden slats that have been joined and painted to reflect the interior creates a new area perfect for a desk nook, entryway console or other use.

A Room Divided

Using cubed storage blocks off the sleeping area from the living quarters, but still offers an airy feeling so that neither side feels too closed in.

A Room Divided

Using wheeled modular units allows an easy transfer so they can be used in other areas.

A Room Divided

A Room Divided

Constructing room dividers with storage can be done on a budget. For a do it yourself project, Woodself has free plans for making a room divider bookshelf. They also have an adjustable dimension calculator so that you can specify the size you need.

Craftsman’s video shows how to construct a custom room divider.

For more shelving with storage inspiration Snappy Pixels has compiled 31 ideas.

All images are via Houzz.

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