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3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

The world of 3D printing has taken off, and one area that has seen an increase in the details and variety is with furniture and even larger products.

One newer 3D printer allows plastic materials to be printed however; a process called fused deposition modeling (FDM) also makes it capable of utilizing blends of wood fibers, nylons and even polymers.

Called the BigRep One, it is making quite a buzz in the ever developing printing arena.

First shown at a 3D print showing in New York, it is now available on the consumer market. For a suggested retail price tag of nearly $40,000 U.S., owning this involved system could lend to some pretty interesting projects.

Lukas Oehmigen and Marcel Tasler, the developers, wanted to create a system to form their own designs and custom pieces so they proactively made their own unit.

Check out the printing process for constructing a detailed sideboard table:

The inventors of the BigRep state that this model can decrease the costs of large 3D printing operations. It can be used in many different areas, from construction to art or theater production.

3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

The system allows a wide variety of printed products in addition to furniture, and can produce many kinds of detailed, precision cuts.

3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

It is encased in a heavy duty aluminum frame, so it is able to hold up to even rugged work environments.

It can print at a resolution of 100 microns/0.1 millimeters. It can replicate various shapes and sizes, from smaller to larger scale items, and can produce a design with a volume of 1147 x 1000 x 1188 millimeters/45 x 39 x 47 inches.

3D Printing Gets Even More Intricate

3D printing systems hold the capacity for enabling a stream of creations, and the only limitation to them seems to their not yet affordable for the majority of consumers price.

All images are from BigRep One.

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