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3 Pillow Designs Encourage Kids to Play With Veggies

Some children love vegetables, and some may not be such fans.

Not just reserved for dinnertime, vegetables have also sprouted up in pillow designs that are perfect for kids.

These will inspire even the most avid veggie haters to join in for some food play.

Designer Weng Jie must have a fun side, because anyone who can create such a cool object as the Sweetcorn Pillow is presumably engaging. This pillow resembles an ear of corn and is complete with removable corn kernels, which are made with Velcro fasteners. The kernels can be laid on, thrown about or played with. When all of the corn pieces are taken off the inside can be rolled out into a nap mat or play surface.

3 Pillow Designs Encourage Kids to Play With Veggies

Image source: by Weng Jie from yankodesign.com/2010/03/12/cornification/

One do it yourself pillow design that also invites kids to intermingle with those of the vegetable kind comes from Craftster. This was an entry for a craft challenge and is a great concept that incorporates motor skills and agricultural education, too.

3 Pillow Designs Encourage Kids to Play With Veggies

Image source: by beckym678 from craftster.org

Covering a pillow with brown corduroy to resemble a dirt field it was topped with fabric vegetable and strawberry patches. The designer also had the idea to make the handmade felt produce removable for harvesting. It can be tucked back into pockets or fastened back onto buttons after work on the throw pillow farm is done for the day.

Want to add some spuds?

The Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair will fit right in. Available from an Etsy shop owner, this baked potato is like no other.

3 Pillow Designs Encourage Kids to Play With Veggies

Image source: etsy.com/shop/Bfiberandcraft

The potato chair was initially a project designed for a thesis presentation. It is sprinkled with chives upon request and has a removable butter pillow square, just in case you want yours without.

Telling kids why they should eat healthy foods may only go so far, but showing them how much energy they can have after some nutrient rich vegetables may be a motivation to eat more of them.

They may even have enough fuel for a pillow fight.

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