When is green not so green?

Mark Evans alum.mit.edu

Answer – when it is done just for green’s sake. Nothing is sustainable if it cannot be managed financially and if it doesn’t support the end users while it respects resources and the planet. An ugly, poorly laid out green building will only be torn down in a few years, and frustrate all who use it. Yes, use local materials, but only if they work and if you can afford them! Seek to be greener by being creative in regard to balancing the budget, the benefit to the building occupants and staff, and the planet we call home.

It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

Natural elements are always a source of inspiration for the worlds of art and design. Whether mimicking structure or capabilities, nature influenced designs are innovative and sometimes unique or even unusual. However, what happens when natural design goes beyond imitation and protrudes into the everyday? That must have been one of a series of questions for artist Berndnaut Smilde in creating the idea for his atmospheric, wispy cloud wonders. His cloud formations are art in motion. Appearing in a room by way of a smoke machine, a flowing white cloud drops in and wafts by, then evaporates just like the… read more

Bicycled Project Creates Recycled Bikes from Old Cars


Cars are incredibly useful to our modern lives, but they also happen to be polluting resource hogs with limited life spans, and in our quest for a greener world, it would be great if they could be repurposed as a cleaner mode of transportation. At the end of its life, an automobile can be parted out, crushed and recycled, or used as lawn art (hey, it happens). But a better way to use some of them might be to turn them into bicycles, as the Bicycled project aims to do. The brainchild of a Spanish creative firm, LOLA Madrid, the… read more

Unbelievable Battle between Killer Whales and Sperm Whales Caught on Camera

Whale attack

Photographer Shawn Heinrichs risks his life to capture incredible footage of a group of orcas attacking a pod of sperm whales