A Paper Strip That Detects Cancer In Urine Samples


The field of modern medicine is a constantly evolving machine — from the “Dark Ages” of healthcare practices just a century ago (where the flu killed way more humans than it ever should have), to the pedestal we currently stand on today. We’ve finally become rationally concerned with the health status of our bodies. Sure, obesity is a major topic for many nations across the world, but despite what you hear on CNN, obesity rates are actually in decline. A new tool in the fight against misdiagnosing illnesses is the Scanadu Scout, also known as a “Real-Life Tricorder“. Developed and… read more

Light Fixtures Made From Laundry – and Other Luminous Designs


From self-powered lamps to light fixtures made from dirty laundry, the following lighting designs are innovative and well hung in any modern home, facilitating the change to Eco-friendly illumination to keep homeowners out of the Dark Ages. Living Light pendant lamps make luminous vessels for hanging plants. Designed by Michael Oechsle, they allow you to enjoy a suspended garden of herbs right above your dining room table. Other than the occasional tending, herbs are nourished both by light and a water reservoir that lies at the top. Through the forces of gravity, the water seeps down within the lamp and… read more

Ten Facts About Petroleum You Probably Don’t Know


For the past century, we have used oil almost exclusively to power our planes, trains, and automobiles, but there are quite a few random uses for the viscous substance that will surprise you. 1. It’s used to make plastic bags Oil is used to make plastics, and more specifically, the small sandwich bags you carry to work with you. The oil used to make just one such plastic bag could power an automobile for 11 meters. Think about that for a second. 2. It’s a chemical in fertilizer Yes, the same fertilizer you use for gardening likely contains oil in it. And quick spoiler… read more

Thought Provoking Environmental Art By Agnes Denes

Thought Provoking Environmental Art By Agnes Denes

One hand in the sciences and one in the arts, the work of Agnes Denes also encompasses everything in between. An environmental poet who brings a universal message to life through her striking displays, Denes is an artist who helped initiate the ecological awareness movement. Her conceptual artwork is a mix of social sciences and conservation, and she can be contributed to being one of the first to introduce science into the art world. She is known for her hundreds of exhibitions and gallery showings, as well as her in your face, large scale visual field displays. In 1968 she… read more

Could A Robot Jellyfish Save the Ocean?

Robot jellyfish from Virginia Tech

The robot revolution began a decade ago with ‘Asimo’ by Honda. Now, bolder and bolder robots have debuted from likely sources (DARPA, Air Force, etc), and unlikely ones (Kickstarter, MIT, etc). A new aquatic ‘bot from Virginia Tech may one day be used to keep our oceans safe. Nicknamed ‘Cyro’, this five-foot, seven-inches jellyfish robot is a machine to behold. It’s extremely lifelike in its functions and programming, and from a distance could fool even the most veteran of marine researchers. And that’s the main idea. Cyro will one day patrol for illegal dumping, pollution, and spills off our nation’s… read more

Reclaimed Board Projects

Reclaimed Board Ideas

Boards can add a decorative and utilitarian aspect to any room. If you have an old board lying around, for instance an unused corkboard, but aren’t quite sure what to do with it, try a functional reclaimed design. Remember the old-school bulletin boards and chalkboards? Channel this concept, but with an updated style. If you just have a plain board that you want to enhance, try painting or stenciling it to convert it to a practical visual piece. Favorite sayings, recipes, wish lists or other designs can be put on it as a reminder board. Another idea that is perfect… read more

Forests – Natural Beauties

Natural forests

When was the last time you stood silently in a forest and emersed in the experience? Breathed in deep. Smelled the air. Listened to the sounds that emerged layer upon layer… Did you know that 2011 was International Year of the Forest? It was a time to inspire people to connect with nature, to explore the living world in ways they may not have explored it before. Every year should be year of the forest. Every person deserves the wonder of engaging with natural woodland and bushland and forest environments that live beyond the reach of urban development. Next time… read more