What You’ve Heard About Fukushima Is Wrong


The tsunami that hit Japan three years ago and caused the Fukushima disaster is still making headlines today, in part because journalists have nothing better to write about. You may have seen some graphs or timelines in recent weeks that showed the “spread of radiation into the ocean” from the Fukushima plant. I’m here to tell you that those graphs are garbage. Take a look at this video from D News, and discover for yourself: Next time you hear something sensational or alarming on the news, do yourself a favor, and research the facts. I’ve found that I’m called out… read more

The Weird World Of Cryonics


Not to be confused with ‘cryogenics’, which is the study of anything cold, cryonics is the scientific equivalent to what Han Solo went through when he was frozen in carbonite. The popular thing today among the uber wealthy and crazy DIYers, is being frozen in a mixture of chemicals with the expectation of being “re-animated” sometime in the far future. Immortality is an elusive dream, but that doesn’t stop many would-be pioneers from trying, most notably Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. So what would some of the benefits of cryonics look like, provided it actually turns out to be… read more

Why All Big Cities Need A Green Push


Smog. What is it good for? Well, absolutely nothing. It is the bane of city drivers worldwide, and it’s not going away without a fight. Change is always hard to swallow, as are hard truths. Without a push from city-dwellers to compel lawmakers to restrict pollution levels in factories, cars, and boats, that haze you find yourself driving through on July mornings is here to stay. Los Angeles, New York City, Cleveland, and San Francisco are some of the United States’ worst offenders (notice that sunny California is listed twice. This shouldn’t surprise you). Los Angeles specifically has a terrible metro system…. read more

What Will We Miss When We’re Gone?


The circle of life. Kicking the bucket. Moving on to the “Great Blue Bayou”. Whatever you call it, we all pass away someday, leaving behind an entire future for our children to explore. Since the human body only lives for 70 – 90 years on average, this doesn’t give us much time to enjoy the world we inhabit. So just what will we miss out on? Vsauce created an extraordinary video showing us how exciting the universe is going to get in the near future (and by near, I mean the next few billion years). The video is a wonderful tool showing… read more

The Science Behind Smog — What Causes It?


In a Caltech laboratory in Pasadena, California, scientists work to discover just what causes that low-flying haze that is the bane of city drivers worldwide. This short video gives you an insight into their findings, so the next time your child asks you why it’s so “foggy” outside, you can explain the science in full.

Can Trees Grow And Thrive In Zero-G?


When it comes to long-term space travel, such as the “100 Year Starship” initiative, there’s just not enough room to bring pre-packaged food for the entire duration of the trip, which means organic, garden-grown fruits and veggies are on the menu. The only problem is that plants need gravity in order for the roots to create a foundation for the plant to grow. In space, this can be accomplished in several ways, with the easiest being a “prod” of sorts from the grower. Once the roots have taken place, the astronaut reaches and plucks the top of the plant and… read more

The Ethics of Living Art


  Art is one of the most integral components of human society. Beyond enriching our minds with culture, it prompts us to ask creative and ethical questions about the very cultures we presume to be enriched by. Some of the ways it achieves this is through satire, imitation, and speculation. Other times, though, it is the art itself that is subject to ridicule, functioning less as a display of current cultural trends and instead revealing today’s innovations – those with the inevitable possibility of altering our future. Whether such a future would be accepted by the majority remains in conflict…. read more

Neuroscience Design And The Colors In Our Mind

Neuroscience Design And The Colors In Our Mind

Retailers have long used techniques like incorporating scent, product placement and special sales to lure in shoppers and curtail their in store experience. Architects and designers also work these practices in when considering lifestyle, layout and color, among other considerations. Neuroscience design is an exciting field that utilizes research and scientific processes and applies them to the area of design. Color perception and processing are facets that receive a lot of attention in both neuroscience and design. One recent study looking into color processing sought to find out our brain’s capacity for seeing color. The research investigated whether or not… read more

Growing Plants on Mars: The Future of Martian Agriculture


For years we have been determined to stick our flag in Martian soil. There are even opportunities for future volunteers to be launched off to Mars by 2023 – with over 200,000 applicants vying for one of just 4 available (and permanent) slots. Perhaps the most critical factor in determining the likelihood of human colonization on Mars is whether we can successfully implement a self-sustaining agricultural system within the planet’s extreme climate. Ever since the Mars rover, “curiosity”, took to the red planet, there has been a steady spike in proposals for Martian agriculture. Most utilize the idea of hydro-… read more

ZA Architects’s Plans to Colonize Mars


ZA Architects is comprised of design duo Dmitriy Zhuykov and Arina Ageeva. Their work has never been short of intriguing, and often merges innovative ideas with elements of design. With changes in the latter catering to the former, never the other way around. Some of the more prolific projects, such as their “Heart of the District” hotel lobby, have helped to garner considerable recognition. They grabbed 1st place in the international Marriott Blank Canvas competition in 2011, and ranked 2nd in 2012’s Degree & Profession – Virtual Expo, which took place in Florence, Italy. While the pair has covered interactive… read more