Watch These Fascinating Perpetual Motion Machines


Perpetual Motion is a pipe dream. So far, we’ve had zero success creating machines capable of putting out more energy than they take in, and what’s even worse is that science tells us perpetual motion would probably break the 1st or 2nd law of thermodynamics. So what is perpetual motion, exactly? In laymen’s terms, it’s an energy source that never stops putting out energy. Imagine a windmill that never stops spinning, even if the wind isn’t blowing, or a train on a loop that never, ever stops moving. Gravity, friction, and inertia have prevented science from creating a workable perpetual… read more

Is Air An Alternative?

Air Powered Vehicles

Rising fuel costs, pollution and inefficiency are just a few problems with conventional vehicles. Green transportation is becoming progressively more important as older ways of getting around are no longer the best option. Though not mainstream, air powered transport is a captivating way to travel. Tata, a car company in India has constructed a curious air powered vehicle called the AirPod in collaboration with technology developers, Motor Development International (MDI). Running completely on compressed air, it has acceleration capabilities of about 43 miles per hour. It has been designed as an affordable option for commuters in crowded cities and as… read more

First Ever Solar Sidewalk Installed


You no doubt have seen or own solar-powered ambient lights for your garden and/or driveway. Those are cool and all, but they aren’t solar-powered sidewalk cool. That title belongs to the students at George Washington University, who recently installed a 100-square-foot stretch of solar-sidewalk covered entirely in solar panels. How’s that for a recruiting tool? The solar panels will collect power during the day, and convert it into electricity for the 470 kilowatt-hours of electricity needed to light the sidewalk up at night. The 450 LED lights inside the panels are sure to create an awesome light show after sundown…. read more

9 Storey Building Made From Plastic Bottles


In mid 2011 in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, there was an unusual building built. The EcoArk Pavilion was built out of 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles. The nine storey tall structure was built from Polli-bricks. Polli-bricks are a revolutionary building material made from 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Polymer. It is translucent, naturally insulated, and durable. The bricks are a 3-D honeycomb of interlocking bottles composed from recycled plastic bottles.  The Polli-brick panel can sustain lateral force up to 1.5 times the worst hurricane recorded without any damage. Polli-brick can be integrated with solar powered LED lights. These embedded solar powered… read more

Manhole Covers Will Soon Charge Your Car


New York, the city where literally everything cool, fascinating, and/or groundbreaking happens (Hollywood told me, so it must be true), has gone ahead and stepped up their reputation as innovators by installing new eco-friendly technology for electric vehicles. The innovation in question is high-tech manhole covers that wirelessly charge your car while it sits parked above them. The pilot program for this technology is slated to begin in New York next year. Depending on its success and dependability, it could see a major rollout, possibly even nationwide. HEVO, a New York city startup company, came up with the idea and is… read more

Freestanding Solar Canopy Offers Shade and Power

Freestanding Solar Canopy Offers Shade and Power

Generating solar power with an array of solar panels on the roof or as a pole-mounted array could be a boon in many different situations, but being able to get solar electricity while complementing, not competing with, the existing architecture can be a challenge. However, if there was a way of installing solar power systems without major construction or disrupting the visual appeal of a location, we may see wider adoption of this clean energy option. And with the introduction of NRG’s Solar Canopy, that just got a lot easier. “We designed the solar canopy to complement a full-scale solar… read more

How Smart Is Your Home?

Energy efficient home

Renewable energy methods are becoming more accessible for home use. These can be used to power up electrical needs, and although an upfront investment they can allow liberation from high electricity bills and save money over time. There are several smart energy options that can be installed and used alone or in combination with already existing electrical supplies. The summaries below provide a brief overview of how smart energy systems can reduce consumption. Solar power can be an economical and dependable choice. Panels can be added to increase power and placed with virtually no obstructions to surrounding landscapes. Wind power… read more

Organic Diesel Is Here To Stay

Organic Diesel is Here To Stay

In the current race for alternate fuels, a new contender has joined up. After staying in the shadows for the past few decades, this contender has recently gained enough popularity & fame due to its ease of production and as a probable contender to replace the current diesel. The Organic-diesel (or popularly known as Biodiesel) can be used as an organic alternative to the conventional diesel, which is being used in most of our heavy machinery. While, in some engines this fuel can be directly used as an alternative to diesel, in others, it needs to be blended with the… read more

25 Ways To Be Environmentally Conscious


Last week we shared a mind-boggling video from List 25 on the top man-made environmental disasters. This week, we’re going 180 degrees in the opposite direction and linking you to a video on how to be environmentally conscious. Much of the clip below contains simple tips, such as turning off the lights after you leave a room, conserving water, etc. However, some of the tips are pretty ingenious. What did you think? How many new insights did you gain from watching that?

Harsh Reality, Not Theory

Harsh Reality Not Theory

It is no longer excusable for anyone to believe climate change isn’t happening, nor is it excusable to think human activity is not causing it—or at the very least exacerbating natural climate change. For the purposes of this writing, regardless if one denies the existence of climate change or if one denies human activity is responsible for making it worse, they will be coupled together and regarded as a “skeptic.” It was allowable for skeptics to spew their scientifically unfounded opinions on climate change when the effects were just theoretical—no one knew better; it was a theory. However, it is… read more