What Is The Rarest Precious Metal?


It’s no secret that we’re running out of non-renewable resources. Everything from oil reserves to natural gas will be used up in the next 1oo years, making the need to develop alternative energy sources a necessity rather than a novelty. But what about precious metals? How rare are they, and which is the rarest? Michael Stevens of Vsauce takes us on a short journey to answer that very question. Check it out:

Americans are clueless about fracking


What is fracking, exactly? Is it another way to drop the “f-word”, used in the popular television show Battlestar Galactica? Or is it a controversial drilling method? If you already knew anything about how fracking is related to drilling, then congratulations–you’re ahead of the curve. A new survey initiated by researchers at Oregon State, George Mason, and Yale showed that 58% of Americans had no idea what fracking was. Only about 9% of those surveyed answered that they’d heard “a lot” about fracking, while the majority answered that they didn’t have an opinion on the subject. In the states of… read more

Clean Energy Science Kits Encourage STEM Interest

Clean Energy Science Kits Encourage STEM Interest

Considering that the future of clean energy and sustainable living sits squarely on the shoulders of our children, it’s important to not only encourage their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but to also put tools in their hands that can give them a taste of real-world applications. One great way to do that is by giving them a clean energy science kit, such as those offered by KidWind. From wind power projects and parts to solar and fuel cell projects, KidWind has a great selection of hands-on kits that can not only teach children the theories and science… read more

Recycling Car Parts

Recycling Automobile Parts

When it comes time to dispose of items we may not recycle often, like automobile parts, it may take some research to find out where to take them. Vehicle parts and maintenance items need to be properly castoff in order to keep toxins out of surroundings and to reuse existing sources. According to Earth911 around 75% of old cars are recycled for iron and steel, and along with recovering remaining parts, this produces enough savings to create the equivalent of 85 million barrels of oil per year. Brake pads and brake shoes are made of around 15-30% recyclable copper. Oil filters, which… read more

What You’ve Heard About Fukushima Is Wrong


The tsunami that hit Japan three years ago and caused the Fukushima disaster is still making headlines today, in part because journalists have nothing better to write about. You may have seen some graphs or timelines in recent weeks that showed the “spread of radiation into the ocean” from the Fukushima plant. I’m here to tell you that those graphs are garbage. Take a look at this video from D News, and discover for yourself: Next time you hear something sensational or alarming on the news, do yourself a favor, and research the facts. I’ve found that I’m called out… read more

Wind Power Innovations

Wind power innovations

2012 was the best year to date for wind power in the U.S., according to the American Wind Power Association, moving it into the number one spot for new energy resources. Taking up 42% of the scale of new power producing systems, 26 states and many other areas added wind turbine technology, making it a major investment. One of the most popular sources of renewable energy, wind power is not just restrained to the original wind farm. This type of energy is advancing to great technological heights, and several modern inventions will make you marvel at what is possible. For… read more

Supercharging Solar


For many decades, researchers have investigated various methods to double the power output of solar cells by making use of “hot electrons”. Recently researchers at Boston College have provided new experimental evidence that this theory will work. The team built solar cells that get a power boost from high-energy photons. This boost, the researchers say, is the result of extracting hot electrons which are normally wasted in typical solar cells. The results are a step forward for solar cells that break conventional efficiency limits. Because of the way ordinary solar cells work they can, in theory, convert at most about 35%… read more

A Smart All in One Solar Solution for Everyone

A Smart All in One Solar Solution for Everyone

Choosing to meet at least some of your power needs with a renewable energy source is high on the list of desirable eco-actions for many of us, but the cost to get started, as well as the somewhat complex nature of installing a solar panel system can be a bit daunting. After all, not only do you need to understand your power needs, and match them to a right-sized solar array, but you’ve also got to understand about wiring and currents (your household uses AC, whereas solar panels generate DC) and energy storage options. That can be a lot to… read more

This Machine Revolves Every 2.3 Trillion Years


Along the lines of our perpetual motion machines article, here’s another mind-blowing device: a machine whose final gear won’t complete its rotation for 2.3 trillion years. It’s a study in energy, specifically the science behind creating an energy source with the ability to run forever. We encourage you to read the article on perpetual motion, as it explains just how the theory collides with the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics (unfortunately). Perpetual energy, if ever fully realized, has the potential to completely revolutionize how we harness electricity, kinetic energy, etc. Imagine planes, trains, and automobiles that never run out of juice. … read more

Pedal-Powered Energy for Everyday Power Needs


In our quest for more sustainable power options, there have been quite a few recent high-tech innovations that harness the power of the sun, the wind, and even waves, but for an incredibly efficient method of providing human-scale energy, it might just be time to look backward a bit. The humble bicycle is one of the most efficient machines ever invented, with an efficiency rate of about 97%, which pretty much blows the other options out of the water, at least on a small scale. And now a couple of guys want to bring pedal power to the masses –… read more