Energy Efficient Displays

Green LED

If you’re the type of person who regularly works on computer-intensive applications, such as programming, graphic design, or musical composition you know that one monitor simply isn’t enough. Two, sometimes three extra screens are necessary to accomplish your work. But you don’t want to run up the electric bill in the process. Here are several energy efficient monitors that also won’t break the bank. Apple Thunderbolt Display – This is the most expensive screen on the list, but it’s also one of the only ones compatible with Apple computers, such as the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. It has an ambient… read more

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse

Humans have always been fascinated by flight. This, in combination with a desire to construct a greener technology to do so, culminated in the first ever aeronautical adventure of its kind. An aircraft called Solar Impulse, created and navigated by two men from Switzerland, has managed to fly around the world on shear solar power. It is the brainchild of André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, and is true ingenuity in motion. Though there have been other solar inventions capable of flight, this is the first solely sun-powered airplane that can also be flown at night. This is due to the… read more

Air Energy Storage


While more efforts are being taken to generate energy through various methods very little research is being done on the field of storing energy. This is an extremely significant criterion because energy demands will not be the same all the time and there must be an efficient system to store the produced energy. Air medium is used for many purposes such as communication, transportation etc, but the next generation energy storage will be carried out with the help of air. Compressed Air Energy Storage may look like a new concept but it has a history dating way back. During late… read more

Portable Fuel Cells

Portable fuel cells

Fuel cells may outdo themselves – with the advent of mobile clean energy, or portable fuel cells, which are expected to have a greater and more rapid-growing market than fuel cells used for transportation. Portable fuel cells are either built into mobile devices or used to charge them, ridding the need for wall sockets. They operate at a low cost and can be used in off grid operations. Benefits of portable fuel cells include a longer run time than batteries, rapid recharging, and a significant weight reduction compared to conventional batteries. Portable fuel cells may also prove crucial in the midst of natural… read more

Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

Greenwave Reality smarter lighting

The internet has almost become everything in this connected world, with more and more application of the internet, advancement in electronic devices and even our homes becoming smarter. A start-up company, Greenwave Reality, has come up with a “wireless LED lighting kit” which surely is a gateway to a smarter home. Headed by former consumer electronics executives, the company sells this lighting kit at a price of US$200. It contains four 40 watts LED bulbs and a Smartphone application – which is the game changer. The four supplied bulbs are Energy star rated and they should be connected to the… read more

Solar Powered Air Travel

Solar Impulse 2013

With its huge wingspan equal to that of an Airbus A340 and its weight that of an average car, the Solar Impulse prototype presents physical and aerodynamic features never seen before in an aircraft. Carbon fiber structure, propulsion chain, flight instrumentation, everything has been designed to save energy, to resist the hostile conditions facing an airplane, and pilot, at high altitudes and to marry weight restraints with the required strength. The Solar Impulse uses no fuel. At midday, each square meter of land surface receives, in the form of light energy, the equivalent of 1000 watts, or 1.3 horsepower of… read more

Solar Cells with a Difference

Plastic solar cells

The price of solar cells has consistently fallen as more and more people install them in their homes and businesses, but it still remains out of reach for many, who do want to make a sustainable choice regarding power generation. Government subsidies are still necessary because the manufacturing costs of solar cells are still prohibitively high. Anirudh Sharma, a PhD candidate at Flinders University has come up with an alternative, less expensive way of manufacturing solar cells. He says that in traditional manufacturing methods, various materials are sequentially deposited on top of each other forming a sandwich structure but as time passes the… read more

Smart Thermostat


There are many thermostats in the market that concentrate on home energy management featuring programmable settings that allow the user to save maximum power by scheduling the thermostat. However there is a thermostat that programs itself based on weather forecasts that effectively saves power as well as keeps the home at a perfect temperature. This auto programming is done by some intelligent software named ‘e5’. E5 is a demand-response software developed by EnergyHub and Earth Networks,with the help of more than 9,000 weather observation stations around the country. Owned by earth Networks, e5 receives periodic updates on weather conditions and reports to the… read more

Sweden – Out of Garbage

Photo Credit: Fotopedia

Sweden is a Scandinavian county that has embraced recycling. So much so that a quarter of a million homes are powered by the incineration of waste. Last October they ran into a problem, this squeaky clean nation of 9.5 million had run out of garbage. The landfills have been tapped dry and Sweden has been forced to import trash from neighboring countries, such as Norway. Sweden is so trash-strapped that officials are shipping in 80,000 tons of refuse annually. Norway pays Sweden to take its excess waste, Sweden burns it for heat and electricity, and the ashes remaining from the incineration… read more

Portable Wind Turbine

photo 5-1

Wind turbines are generally static. Once they are assembled and in place they have to work in the varying conditions of that environment – high winds and often extreme temperatures. However, Uprise Energy, a California based startup has developed a wind turbine that is portable. The concept is cool and far easier to maintain as it works without the requirement of any ground digging and is easily transportable. The installation of a static wind turbine is a difficult process as each huge part arrives at the location separately and is assembled using large machines. They require a smooth and flat… read more