Carbon Solar Cells


Solar cells are the greatest hope for mankind with a shortage of fossil fuel. We read a lot about solar cells and improvements in this field but a true revolution in solar cells is not happening. There are many reasons for the gap between solar cells and ordinary man but one of the main handbrakes is the expense of the materials used. Some recent breakthrough research at Stanford University looks promising and will give hope to the solar cell field using an inexpensive substitute, carbon. The research team has successfully built a thin film solar cell prototype which is coated with… read more

World’s Largest Wind Farm

Image of a Wind Farm

The world’s largest wind farm is going to be built in Japan. The catch? It’s going to be built just 10 short miles from the Fukishima nuclear reactor. Since the Fukishima disaster a few years ago, Japan has been seeking ways to clean up their energy grid, and the construction of this wind farm is a very big step on the way to ecological energy independency. The current record-holder for the largest wind farm is the Greater Gabbard Farm off the coast of Suffolk in the U.K. It produces 504 Megawatts of electricity with its 140 turbines. In contrast, the… read more

EV Charging Stations

An EV station concept

With the recent influx of electric vehicles by carmakers such as Nissan, Chevy, Tesla, and others, the question of charging the vehicles still remains. Each car comes equipped with a charging system to plug your car in at home, but what about refueling on the road? Tesla in 2012 promised to build a national electric car charging network. Their array of superchargers would spread across the nation on the biggest highways, and would be available for anyone with Tesla’s Model S electric vehicle. However, each station would charge your vehicle for free. Nissan also has big plans for their new… read more

Electric Energy Unicycle

SBU V3 self balancing unicycle

The Self Balancing Unicycle (SBU) V3 is total precision, crafted by hand with 6061 alloy. SBU is ultra-portable and is capable of 325-lb loads. This unicycle is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery pack that offers a city ride time of up to two hours, or one can go at what’s described as a nonstop sprint for up to an hour. Its 1000-watt BLDC electric motor can propel one from 0 to 10 MPH in about three seconds, and the SBU V3 has a top speed of around 15 MPH. The SBU’s portability and weight of 27lbs makes it… read more

Solar Powered Resilience

Solar Powered Resilience

Much of Bangladesh, especially in the northern areas, lie in flood zones. This is a highly populated country and millions, like those in Dhaka, have been greatly affected by flooding. People are still suffering from rising floodwaters that continue to devastate and displace millions of people. Climate change specialists and scientists predict that much of the country, nearly 20% of it, could completely vanish over the next several decades due to the effects of global warming. The flooding and lack of secure land space has caused the resilient people who live in these areas to acclimate in inventive ways just… read more

Neat and Green Technology

Bamboo keyboard

If you are into green gadgetry and products, then you know there are exciting advances on the horizon in the field of more responsible technology. Buying items that are practical as well as earth smart are becoming easier as more options enter the retail arena. Below are a few developments to keep your eye on. Solar is always a smart selection, especially when it comes to electronics. New things like solar keyboards, which run on solar power combined with a non-battery version of wireless capabilities, make using your computer more energy friendly. Also, for those whose daily trekking requires a… read more

Living Off The Grid

Off The Grid Home

While few have actually accomplished it, the dream of disappearing from the grid is usually the stuff of Hollywood movies, where some old society-fearing individual decides to build his own establishment far from populated areas. After a quick reality check, we can say with certainty that this is not the case; not at all. Choosing to live independent of electricity, running water, and other government provided services does not make you an outcast. In fact, it is encouraged. However, it does not mean one has to trek to the wilderness of the desert, or the encompassing foliage of the forest…. read more

A Bookless Library?

ebook library

A bookless library; what will I read? The first public, bookless library is set to open this fall in San Antonio, Texas. The new book-free library, called “BiblioTech,” is intended to open in the fall an\[d is part of an entire bookless public library system planned for the entire county of Bexar (Texas). You do not have to take your own device. The library will actually lend out e-readers (of an unspecified brand) for two weeks at a time. It will be all computers and e-readers. Academic libraries have been experimenting with libraries with a lot fewer books for a… read more

Wearing Solar Fabrics


The idea of wearing solar fabrics may look like a piece in a sci-fi movie, but the fact is it is not new or fictitious. Researchers around the globe have been trying to figure out how to incorporate solar technology into wearable designs for years. A solar fabric will be lightweight, portable, foldable, wearable and capable of trapping more of the sun’s rays. This  is because the fabric will be collecting sunlight from many different angles at once, whereas flat panels can only collect rays from one installed direction. Many solar fabric innovations have involved either printing solar cells onto regular… read more

Investing in Solar Panels

Crowdfunded solar panels

As the demand for green technology increases, so will the amount of companies offering ecological solutions, such as hybrid cars, water conservative shower taps, and more. However, the demand for solar panels has increased exponentially since 2012, and is predicted to continue blowing up the green market well past 2013. Kickstarter, the recently famous crowd-funding website, where consumers can help finance the development and production of just about any type of project, has also recently passed the $1 million dollars in funding milestone for solar panels. Several companies have been successful on the website, such as SolarCity, which helps homeowners… read more