ReadySet Solar Kit Funds Power for All


The Fenix ReadySet solar kit is not only a great choice for off-grid power in the developing world, but because of our digital lifestyle, can be the perfect addition for meeting our emergency and outdoor power needs. The ReadySet charges with a solar panel (or other input, including house current), and then stores and provides enough energy to power lighting, charge cellphones, or even run an iPad for over 12 hours. Originally designed for the demanding environment of Africa, the robust 54 watt-hour system is built to stand up to being used every day, and can serve as a renewable… read more

Texas A&M Building World’s Largest Solar Energy Test Facility

Texas A&M Building World's Largest Solar Energy Test Facility

What’s being billed as the world’s largest solar energy testing facility is being planned for central Texas, with a $600 million Center for Solar Energy on 800 acres in Bell County. The Center for Solar Energy (CSE) will not only allow for testing and demonstration of commercial-scale solar, and act as a solar technology incubator, but will also produce enough power to supply the entire campus at Texas A&M University – Central Texas (TAMU-CT). The CSE, which will be built out in stages as funding is raised, will eventually be a 50MW solar power plant integrating the “largest assortment of… read more

LA Launches Largest Rooftop Solar Tariff Program in U.S.

LA Launches Largest Rooftop Solar Tariff Program in U.S.

The city of Los Angeles just launched the nation’s largest rooftop solar feed-in tariff program, which will help many building owners to install solar power systems on their buildings and sell the electricity back to the grid. The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program was kicked off by switching on the first rooftop solar installation to feed into the LA grid, a PV system on the top of Oxnard Plaza Apartments in North Hollywood, which is expected to produce 142,000 kWh of solar power per year. “Today, we took a major step forward in creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles… read more

TwingTec Kites Harvest High-Altitude Winds

TwingTec Kites Harvest High-Altitude Winds

When thinking about wind power as a viable clean energy source, most of us are familiar with the traditional propeller-type wind turbines that sit atop tall masts, but there are other up-and-coming wind technologies that could eventually bear fruit, such as using large kites to harvest wind energy. Google thinks Makani Power’s high-altitude kite power system is worth investing in, and just recently another startup, Twingtec, got a little boost by receiving some funding from Venture Kick to further pursue its version of the technology. Twingtec, a Swiss-based project, is developing a different type of tethered wing system to generate electricity… read more

Innovative Green Chargers


Smart recharging options for gadgets are getting more interesting as advances in renewable technologies are made. Solar powered chargers are gaining in popularity, but there are also other resources that are becoming available for charging up devices. A new way being marketed at powering up gear is really an old way to create energy. Manual versions, like the YoGen Charger for Life are turning up, and this may be a practical object to have on hand. With no electrical outlets required and no battery to replace, the YoGen works solely on physical exertion. Chargers like these can conduct natural energy… read more

Imitating the Power of Nature

Artificial Leaf

No matter how far into the future technology takes us, mankind has always been in awe of Nature. Modern computers and electronic devices may give us ideas and stimulate our imagination but it is always from Nature that we derive our greatest inspiration. Man built aircrafts and ships because we longed to conquer the air and the sea, like the creatures that inhabited those foreign landscapes. Solar energy is no exception. The Sun is a part of nature and we have always acknowledged its power and centrality to our own existence. The process of photosynthesis by which abundant solar energy is used to… read more

SunnyBot Solar Robot Focuses Sun’s Rays

SunnyBot Solar Robot Focuses Sun's Rays

It can be quite frustrating to see brilliant sunshine just outside the window, yet be sitting or working in a dimly lit room and having to use electric lighting to see what you’re doing. But if you had a small personal heliostat, such as this little solar robot, the SunnyBot, you could focus and redirect the sun’s rays right into your room, bringing the full spectrum of sunlight inside. The SunnyBot, from Solenica, is a cordless solar-tracking device that can be set up to reflect the light hitting it onto a particular object or room, sending up to 7000 lumen of… read more

Robots Cut Solar PV Installation Time in Half

Robotic Installation Cuts PV Installation Time in Half

Building a huge utility-scale solar farm that has thousands upon thousands of panels that all need to be transported and mounted and wired is an incredibly labor- and time-intensive affair. But there is another way, and it calls for robots. According to Alion Energy, by using robotic installation technologies, utility-scale solar PV plants can be built two times faster than with conventional techniques, while also requiring 75% less labor. The company’s approach uses extruded concrete rails as a combination mounting rack and cable trench, to which the Alion’s robotic installation vehicle, ROVER, attaches the PV panels, which are then secured… read more

Cellphone Charging Stations In New York


Today, an ambitious (and much-needed) project went live in Brooklyn, New York. Goal Zero, the company behind the program, unveiled their newest array of cellphone charging stations, and announced plans for nine more in the immediate future. Beginning in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene park, the charging station project is available for the public to utilize. The stations are solar-powered, and were funded in part by AT&T Wireless. Each station has USB charging ports that can charge 6 cellphones at a time. The ports have 3 15-watt solar panels that provide the necessary charging power. Goal Zero believes this project is long… read more

Act on Facts to Combat Anti-Wind Myths


To help inform citizens about the benefits of wind power, while combating anti-wind rhetoric, wind power manufacturer Vestas has launched a new campaign, called Act on Facts, with the aim of channeling public support for wind energy. “The wind industry is being attacked by media-savvy and politically influential adversaries who often display a brazen disregard for factual information. The “Act on Facts” campaign is our way of fighting back.” – Morten Albæk, Vestas Group Senior Vice President Part of the campaign features six short and snappy videos, covering various aspects of wind power, such as the belief that wind power… read more