Experiments For Kids

Solar Science Experiments For Kids

Kids soak up learning just like solar panels soak up the sun. Invest in their learning with science experiments that will teach them about how solar energy works. Children love hands on activities, and the following are great ways to incorporate instruction with fun. One way to put perspective into how solar energy can operate at home is to do a site evaluation. Have kids explore their outdoor area to see which spots in the yard get the most amount of sun, looking for things that may affect how much sunlight hits different areas. Have them observe things like trees or… read more

Driving Options For All

The Wheel Chair Accessible Car

For most wheelchair users a modified vehicle costing up to $80,000 is their only option. Such financial challenges have barred many wheelchair users from driving a car at all, and eco-friendly transport was surely out of the question. Then along came the Kenguru, the first low-speed electric vehicle designed specifically for wheelchair users. The Kenguru (pronounced “kangaroo”) can accommodate one passenger seated in his or her wheelchair for a range of up to 60 miles. The Kenguru has only a single door to the rear of the vehicle for direct wheelchair access. It’s opened by remote control. Inside the driver… read more

Save Our Thirsty World

Water conservation

With some places in the world facing scarce water supplies and some others trickling into the beginning stages of water shortage alerts, water conservation awareness is a must. Though many of us take having a daily water supply for granted, water scarcity around the world is a fundamental issue. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a typical U.S. household containing 4 members uses around 400 gallons of water per day just at home, with most of this being from indoor water use. This is more than twice the daily worldwide average, comprising a large amount of daily water use as… read more

UK’s Giant Wind Farm

Giant Wind Farm

The world’s largest offshore wind farm in operation will be the London Array. When finished, it will power over 770,000 homes with its 1.2GW power output. Swedish utility Vattenfall and ScottishPower have combined resources and jointly submitted plans for East Angolia Offshore Wind. The recent UK Energy Bill seems to have won a victory here with the EAOW, showing that the future of renewable energy is within reach. The government’s clean energy support will go into full effect in 2018, which is also when the EAOW’s first electricity will be produced. Andy Paine, the EAOW’s program leader, said, “This is the… read more

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

Riding the city bus may soon have an added visual perk. This  ride certainly has bystanders taking a second look. Complete with its own ecosystem, this living roof design is courtesy of landscape artist Marc Grañén. According to the artist the Phyto Kinetic bus design is a practical way to utilize unexpected but effectual places for garden plots. Making use of the natural photosynthesis process and noting the importance of  purifying the airspace, especially in highly polluted inner cities where there are often more concrete landscapes than green ones, mobile gardens are a unique solution. Here’s how the story began: Check out… read more

These Playgrounds Generate Electricity at Recess

These Playgrounds Generate Electricity at Recess

Playgrounds with merry-go-rounds that can convert the energy of playing children into electricity to light up their lives are making a difference in Ghana, thanks to the efforts of a nonprofit called Empowered Playgrounds. In places with poor access to power, such as rural Ghana, schoolchildren have plenty of energy to play, but little to none for lighting their after school studying and other home activities. But a former VP of Engineering at ExxonMobil Research, Ben Markham, is helping to make their home lives and their education quite a bit brighter, in the form of merry-go-rounds that can generate electricity… read more

Doomsday – Hoax Or Here?


The Doomsday Conspiracy flooded the internet for more than four years leading up to its supposedly deadline. The date for the end of the world was set as 21/12/2012 and was such a virulent conspiracy it even sparked a movie being made about it. Around the world people held their breath and waited anxiously. But it all passed just like any other day. So is the Doomsday Conspiracy dead in the water? As there is no actual date for the origin of the Earth, then it is unlikely to have a final date. It is clear that Earth was not created in… read more

The Revolutionary Future Of E-Ink


E-Ink is a technology widely implemented and made popular by Amazon’s line of e-readers during the early 2000’s, with the Kindle Paperwhite being their latest model. The idea behind E-Ink is that computer displays can be created super cheap, super thin, and super energy-efficient (that’s a lot of “supers”!). Since the creation of computer screens, the industry has placed a major emphasis on creating “thin and light” displays. Just a couple of months ago, LG announced that they’d designed the world’s thinnest 1080p display, and at 2.2mm thin, it’s pretty incredible. Unfortunately, it’s not E-Ink, because quite frankly, the technology… read more

5 Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen


Nowadays, finding ways to save money wherever and whenever we can isn’t a trend–it’s a basic instinct. Houses are expensive to maintain each month. On top of all the bills to pay, you have mouths to feed, unforeseen costs, and random life occurrences that convince you that God must have a twisted sense of humor (like that time the freak storm blew your brand new shingles off the roof). To make life easier, you scour the interweb for any tips you can find to keep your wallet that much heavier when payday rolls around. We understand the struggle. Here’s a… read more

Harnessing Poop For Power Efficiently


Pretty soon, chowing down those bean burritos may actually come in handy. Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a new method of harnessing electricity from human waste. While this concept has been around for quite some time (in one form or another), Stanford’s researchers have discovered a way of making it work even better. Basically, for all these years, we’ve been wasting the energy potential of sewage; a virtually endless source of power (with the right kind of extracting methods). The researchers created what they described as a “microbial battery”, which generates electricity from bacteria in sewage waste…. read more