Concrete Structures That Double As Energy Savers

Concrete Structures That Double As Energy Savers

Concrete designs are durable and can hold numerous possibilities due to its functionality and flexibility as a material. When combined with sustainable features, concrete can offer interesting elements for homes and commercial applications. Casa la Estadía from REC Architecture is constructed mainly of concrete and glass and has a curious look. The exterior was formed into an interesting shape that also provides several benefits. The concrete walls make up the structural base for the home and also enables several sustainable features. The design makes use of a passive energy system and is able to capture up to 85% of the home’s energy. The… read more

Books Designed For The Senses

Books Designed For The Senses

Books captivate the senses in a way that is original to any other material. The written word, illustrations and emitted feelings provided by pages that are crafted with creative intent and skilled work can be like no other resource for developing knowledge and furthering the imagination. Several visually and aromatically stimulating circulations have been produced that heighten the page-turner’s experience by truly embarking the senses to go along for the journey. Dating back to 1692, Traité des Couleurs Servant à la Peinture à L’eau from artist A. Boogert is an unbelievingly detailed illustrative guide to colors and painting techniques. It… read more

The Niwa System Makes Homegrown Easy

The Niwa System And App Combo Makes Homegrown Easy

Not everyone has the time or space for gardening. Picking your dinner straight from the backyard plot or container garden is definitely rewarding and healthy, but it does require a designated area and continual maintenance. For horticulturists that want to have all the benefits of fresh grown produce but without the worry of weeds, insects or having to keep up an outdoor area, hydroponic growing can be a perfect option. One indoor system has covered all the bases when it comes to a home hydroponic garden. The Niwa is a kit that works along with an app to grow fresh produce simply,… read more

The future of flight

MIT's future of flight

MIT’s AI Lab is a busy hub of practical inventions and idealistic passions. Recently, they showed off a new system of personal aircraft control they’ve created in conjunction with airplane manufacturer Boeing. One of MIT’s Graduate students, Peng Yu, displayed their vision of the future some 20-30 years down the road. Yu and his team developed a variety of ways for commuters with no airplane piloting knowledge to effectively control either a personal aircraft or a flying taxi. Using voice, keyboard input, tablet, and motion gestures, Yu showed how easily an average person could operate a remote-controlled airplane. Tablet –… read more

Shrimp Is The New Plastic

A solution to the world’s plastic overload may have been found in a shrimp. Or actually, in the shrimp’s composition. A research team from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University are on to something huge. They have developed an interesting procedure for making bioplastic that is completely biodegradable and could someday replace commercial plastics that are not sustainable. The process uses a substance called chitin, which is an abundant natural source that can be collected from certain shelled organisms. Examples of the organic material can be seen in the protective coverings on shrimp and other crustaceous… read more

Leading By Example

Leading By Example

Industry, though necessary in a modern world, has a big impact on the environment. It takes enormous energy to run places, and yet there are some organizations and workplaces making great efforts to reduce their impact. Great Britain is home to one extremely green hospital. Featured on Real Green TV, University Hospital of South Manchester is the first in the UK to install a large 4 megawatt biomass plant, which greatly decreases their carbon dioxide emissions. Implementing greener ways of doing things is a commitment reportedly taken seriously by staff. The goal is to become carbon neutral, and in addition to… read more

The Future of Our Roads


In the future our roads will be smarter and more useful because they be made with solar panels. At least that is what the company Solar Roadways has planned for our highways. The company has a prototype which is far different from the solar panels which we use on rooftops. It is not only strong enough to support the load of vehicles but can also generate a billion Kilowatt hours of power which is more than any country can produce in a year. These panels are brilliantly engineered into three layers: a road surface which is transparent enough to allow the sun’s rays to… read more

Robotic healthcare has arrived

iRobot's healthcare assistance robot

In 2009, the household robot manufacturer iRobot Corp. announced their newest department, iRobot Healthcare. Since then they have remained silent about their developments. Then in 2012 they publicly debuted an amazing teleprescence robot in collaboration with inTouch Health. The robot, christened the iRobot RP-Vita, stands at a height of 5’4″, and has two touch-screen monitors built-in. The Vita works as a remote-controlled robot, and functions using wheels and remote sensors to navigate hallways and avoid obstacles. Rather than directing the robot’s movements using a joystick or similar controller, operators simpy click on the robot’s pre-programmed destinations. iRobot is currently being rented out… read more

Recycling Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Recycling

Nuclear energy is often the only hope for power generation in countries without large deposits of fossil fuels. However, the presence of nuclear power plants compromise the security of that country, and most struggle to adequately dispose of the waste materials. Cumbria based British Sellafield has come up with an idea whereby nuclear waste is the key element. Nuclear waste in British plants mostly contains americium-241, and the organization plans to use this nuclear waste element to power long range spacecraft. This method of using nuclear waste is based on a design used in the Voyager probes, launched in 1977.  Even the popular… read more

A Sparkly New Discovery In Western Australia

A Sparkly New Discovery In Western Australia

A mining expedition and a researcher in mineralogy have uncovered an interesting discovery. A completely new kind of mineral was found located in Lake Cowan in the Western portion of Australia. It has been named putnisite, and according to researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia, its chemical makeup and crystallography are unlike any other mineral currently known. Scientists are not sure yet what exactly to make of the mineral, or know yet if it has any useful properties. Most findings and examinations lead to classifying an item and learning more about it. As described on, what… read more