Compare Driving Costs for Gasoline vs. Electric Cars

Compare Driving Costs for Gasoline vs. Electric Cars

When considering the operating costs for a gas powered vehicle, it’s fairly simple to understand and apply the miles-per-gallon ratings on the window stickers, because we’re used to thinking in those terms, and are reminded of the costs for a gallon of gas every time we fuel up. But what if you’re interested in an electric car? How do you measure and compare the energy costs of something that plugs into your house with all of the rest of your electrical appliances, and gets paid for monthly, on a bill where you usually only see the totals for usage, not… read more

The F-Bike: The Future Of Commuting

Test Flight of the Technodat F-Bike

Leave it to European researchers to re-invent the bicycle, considering that they’re the ones who created the vehicle in the first place. Now they want the bike to do more than simply wheel about down the street; they want it to fly. Scientists and manufacturers in the Czech Republic have created a prototype for a flying bicycle that actually works, and looks pretty darn cool. It’s just in the testing stages at the moment, though it shows real promise. Unfortunately, Technodat, the company behind the bicycle (called the “F-Bike”), has no real plans to produce this feat of transportation engineering… read more

Ford Continues to Go Further for Sustainability


Reducing the environmental impact of automobiles isn’t only about reducing emissions at the tailpipe, but it’s also about reducing the amount of CO2 emissions released throughout the entire process of building the vehicle as well. And Ford has managed to do both of those in recent years, as highlighted in their latest sustainability report. With Ford’s lines of fuel-efficient, hybrid, and electric vehicles, the company has done a lot to help drivers choose vehicles that are not only right for them, but that also use much less energy or fuel, translating to cleaner air and reduced dependence on fossil fuels…. read more

Moto-Electra Sets EV Coast-to-Coast Record


A world record for traveling coast-to-coast across the U.S. in an electric vehicle was just set by an electric motorcycle, the Moto-Electra, which covered the distance in just 84.5 hours, without swapping out its battery. The bike used for the record is the same design used by Moto-Electra for Grand Prix racing and land speed attempts, and this new achievement goes a long way toward showing the possibilities for long-distance travel with electric vehicles. “The funny thing is .. when we said we could do this, many said it was impossible,” said Richardson. “Already people are saying that it was… read more

E-Trikes To Replace Trikes And Bikes in Philippines


In the Philippines, there are currently 3.5 million trikes and motorcycles operating throughout the country, most of which are running on combustion engines. By no accident, there has long been a correlation between the carbon emissions released from these vehicles and the country’s suffering air quality. The Philippines are certainly not the only country to struggle with pollution from vehicles. Worldwide, the transportation sector is responsible for 30 percent of all air pollution. Without a change in transport systems, future pollution rates look rather grim, as global carbon emissions from transportation are expected to increase 200 percent by 2030. To… read more

The Moller Skycar: Where Is It Today?


Almost two decades ago, Paul Moller revealed his ‘M400 Moller Skycar’ to the world. The vehicle was a sort of strange creation, looking for all the world like a mix between an airplane, a car, and something you’d see on The Jetsons. It was Moller’s vision for the future: a flying car for everyone. 16 years later, and that same M400 model sits in a garage collecting dust. What went wrong? Why couldn’t Moller come through with his promise? Every few years, the company released a new test video, a new breakthrough in engineering, a new feat of technological marvel,… read more

Next-Generation Electric Superbike Launched

Next-Generation Electric Superbike Launched

Electric vehicles aren’t just for urban errands and commuting. Sometimes they’re also world-class road rockets delivering premium performance, such as these latest entries to the electric motorcycle market from Mission Motorcycles. The flagship bike is the Mission RS, which is a street-legal version of a prototype bike built by Mission Motors that won the 2011 Laguna Seca FIM/TTXGP race. This model is said to be an “enhanced” version of that bike, including high-performance components, and is only available in a very limited quantity, after which buyers will have to be content with the Mission R, which is the production model…. read more

United Airlines to Purchase Advanced Biofuel for L.A. Hub

Air pollution

A historic moment in greener aviation was recently made, with the agreement by United Airlines to purchase biofuel on a commercial scale, at a cost-competitive rate. United Airlines completed a purchase agreement with biofuels producer AltAir Fuels to take delivery of 15 million gallons of its advanced biofuel over the next few years. The fuel, said to be lower-carbon than traditional petroleum fuels, will be used for flights from United’s Los Angeles hub. To produce all of that biofuel, AltAir Fuels is retrofitting a section of a petroleum refinery near LA, containing idled refining equipment, into an advanced biofuel refinery… read more

A Motorcycle That Charges In 10 Minutes

Nivach Electric Motorbike

Nobody likes waiting for things anymore. It’s not that we’ve lost our patience, it’s just that we’ve become accustomed to getting things when we want them. You press a button, your computer turns on. You ask a question, Google Now gives you the answer. You want food, McDonald’s is right around the corner. The general idea is that we’re speeding up our society. Is that a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Only time will tell. Currently, pumping gasoline into your vehicle is the primary fuel source for the majority of our vehicles. For those few that have upgraded… read more

The Giant European Floating Museum

Floating Museum

Much like our story regarding Peter Thiel’s genius idea to construct massive floating islands, a Belgian architect envisions a giant floating museum to travel Europe’s rivers. The conceptual museum has been dubbed “Physalia”, though it is much more than a simple historical attraction. The futuristic boat will contain a museum, a nightclub, gardens, and other green design features, including extensive filtration systems and solar energy. Vincent Callebaut, the man behind the vision, has big plans for Physalia. He expects that it will float down rivers while simultaneously making the water clean and drinkable via the ship’s filters. The boat will… read more