The Weird World Of Cryonics


Not to be confused with ‘cryogenics’, which is the study of anything cold, cryonics is the scientific equivalent to what Han Solo went through when he was frozen in carbonite. The popular thing today among the uber wealthy and crazy DIYers, is being frozen in a mixture of chemicals with the expectation of being “re-animated” sometime in the far future. Immortality is an elusive dream, but that doesn’t stop many would-be pioneers from trying, most notably Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. So what would some of the benefits of cryonics look like, provided it actually turns out to be… read more

Supercharging Solar


For many decades, researchers have investigated various methods to double the power output of solar cells by making use of “hot electrons”. Recently researchers at Boston College have provided new experimental evidence that this theory will work. The team built solar cells that get a power boost from high-energy photons. This boost, the researchers say, is the result of extracting hot electrons which are normally wasted in typical solar cells. The results are a step forward for solar cells that break conventional efficiency limits. Because of the way ordinary solar cells work they can, in theory, convert at most about 35%… read more

Kids With A Conscience

Kids with a Conscience

While some events and negative news can leave us questioning certain aspects of humanity at times, there are young individuals who bring hope with their positive acts. Some agencies and businesses are making it a point to honor youth who are trying to make a difference. Though they may not always be featured in the daily headlines, it is refreshing to learn about children who are proactive in making their surroundings a better place. Open to U.S. children, the President’s Environmental Youth Award has been in action since 1971. This initiative partners the President with the Environmental Protection Agency to… read more

OrbSys Shower Saves 90% of the Water, 80% of the Energy


Considering how precious clean water is in our world, and the amount of energy it takes to clean it and heat it and deliver it to our homes, letting the water in our showers run right down the drain, most of it without even touching us, seems rather silly and wasteful. But a new type of shower system could take our wasteful shower habit and turn it into a water and energy efficient method of getting clean, as it is said to save up to 90% of the water and 80% of the energy, when compared to a standard shower… read more

The Ethics of Living Art


  Art is one of the most integral components of human society. Beyond enriching our minds with culture, it prompts us to ask creative and ethical questions about the very cultures we presume to be enriched by. Some of the ways it achieves this is through satire, imitation, and speculation. Other times, though, it is the art itself that is subject to ridicule, functioning less as a display of current cultural trends and instead revealing today’s innovations – those with the inevitable possibility of altering our future. Whether such a future would be accepted by the majority remains in conflict…. read more

Hyperloop Concept May Become Reality — Soon


Next June, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. might become a household name, that is, if Patricia Galloway can pull off one amazing development–namely, the creation of Elon Musk’s “Hyperloop”. If you’ve read the articles about it, you know just how awesome it has the potential to become, provided a great many developmental hurdles are solved. Still, Galloway, the head of HTT Inc., is optimistic and determined to see the project through. After all, she has a great track record of making things happen. The Hyperloop is a tube very much like the ET3 tubes we wrote about last year, albeit with… read more

Watch These Fascinating Perpetual Motion Machines


Perpetual Motion is a pipe dream. So far, we’ve had zero success creating machines capable of putting out more energy than they take in, and what’s even worse is that science tells us perpetual motion would probably break the 1st or 2nd law of thermodynamics. So what is perpetual motion, exactly? In laymen’s terms, it’s an energy source that never stops putting out energy. Imagine a windmill that never stops spinning, even if the wind isn’t blowing, or a train on a loop that never, ever stops moving. Gravity, friction, and inertia have prevented science from creating a workable perpetual… read more

Poticrete Sidewalk

Photo: The City of Bellingham, Wash.

Many cities are testing out strange materials for road and sidewalk construction in an attempt to go green. Some of the materials being looked at are porous asphalt, recycled roofing shingles, and even plastic bottles. But the city of Bellingham, Washington, has been the most creative so far having just completed a pedestrian walkway incorporating recycled porcelain from more than 400 crushed toilets that were diverted from a local landfill. The project was part of the six-block Meador Kansas Ellis Trail Project in downtown Bellingham, which also included other sustainable elements like porous pavement and LED street lighting. The city even paved… read more

This Creepy “Singing Tree” Is Amazing


In England, they’re doing re-usability right. Sitting on the top of Crown Point in Lancashire, this “tree” made of tubes creates music on windy days. It’s a terrific example of science, ecology, and art coming together in unison. Each side of the pipe faces a different corner of the Earth, so it’s constantly making sound, provided there’s actually wind. Check out the semi-creepy/beautiful video below. This is the type of project you could also create yourself, with enough time and tubes lying around.

Is Air An Alternative?

Air Powered Vehicles

Rising fuel costs, pollution and inefficiency are just a few problems with conventional vehicles. Green transportation is becoming progressively more important as older ways of getting around are no longer the best option. Though not mainstream, air powered transport is a captivating way to travel. Tata, a car company in India has constructed a curious air powered vehicle called the AirPod in collaboration with technology developers, Motor Development International (MDI). Running completely on compressed air, it has acceleration capabilities of about 43 miles per hour. It has been designed as an affordable option for commuters in crowded cities and as… read more