3-D Printed Prosthetic Limbs


It almost seems like something you’d expect to see in “iRobot”, but 3-D printed limbs have finally made the jump from big-screen-fantasy to real life functionality. Bespoke Innovations, a boutique design firm in San Francisco, makes top-of-the-line prosthetic limbs using 3-D printing technology. Their process is simple, yet innovative in a market dominated by large one-size-fits-all firms. Scott Summit, the company’s founder, is an Industrial Designer and Orthopedic Surgeon himself, and sought to bring a human element to the image of cold, dead prosthetics. Here are just a few of his creations:     Bespoke uses a variety of build… read more

Environmentally Friendly Painting System


Europe pretty much has the rest of the world beat when it comes to innovation in the environmentally-friendly department. KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines posted a video a couple of years ago showing how they use eco-friendly electrostatic paint to coat new airplanes. The short video is pretty neat to watch, and although painting airplanes has probably never come up on your “How do they do it?” list, we think you’ll enjoy learning something new. Check it:

Say Hello To NASA’s New Spacesuits


The iconic image of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon still causes excitement today. In 1969, that level of achievement in the space race was huge…kinda like their 300lb spacesuits. You may look at that picture and think, “That was over 40 years ago. We’ve upgraded our suits by now, haven’t we?” Bless your heart for giving NASA the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Ever since the United States “won the space race”, the drive to innovate and continue exploring the stars has all but died. Sure, NASA put the Curiosity Rover on Mars recently, but… read more

Five Reasons We Actually Need Personal Drones


In just over a year, an estimated 7,500 drones will fly over U.S. airspace, all of them regulated by the FAA. Currently, an estimated 10,000 hobby drones occupy the skies, although by law they’re not allowed to fly above a 400 ft ceiling, nor can they collect video and data for commercial use (although I trust that last part about as much as I trust that the FBI isn’t watching me write this via webcam right now. Whoops). Still, despite the controversial future for drones, there’s still room for them to take up special places in our hearts. We actually… read more

Charge Your Phone In 5 Seconds


Graphene is an amazing technology. It’s biodegradable, flexible, super-conducting, and will literally change the world. In the next few years as the technology is refined, we’ll discover an entire array of possible uses, including the ability to charge your cellphone in seconds, your car in minutes, and after that? Well, I suppose we’ll have to wait around and see. In the meantime, check out how this technology is even possible:

Bill Nye’s Open Letter To Obama About NASA


Bill Nye, renowned scientist and educator, recently penned Pres. Obama a letter encouraging him to give NASA a healthy budget with which to explore the stars. Here’s the video: Space research is extremely important, as it helps us to better understand and monitor our constantly changing planet. Discoveries on other worlds also contribute to our knowledge of the greater universe beyond the solar system, and boost our abilities to leave the planet, since (according to Stephen Hawking), it’s kind of necessary that we do.

Gardening with Your Shotgun

Gardening with Your Shotgun

In a twist on the maxim about beating your swords into plowshares, a Swedish creative studio has come up with a unique method of reseeding your landscape, using a shotgun. Instead of firing lead pellets, the Flower Shells, from Studio Total, disperse a variety of plant seeds into the immediate area, making planting a garden or landscape area as simple as pulling the trigger. Although firing a gun in a residential neighborhood may not be the safest or most prudent thing to do, it’s possible that in rural areas, this type of seeding might make a bit of sense, assuming… read more

Shower and use half of the water

Hollow Water Showers

Taking the steps to reduce water usage when showering or bathing is difficult, especially for those with children or larger households. We search for ways to discipline ourselves and watch our dependency on water, but usually give up and continue on as before. The appliance market is full of “low-flow shower heads” that most of the time end up proving completely useless. Countries with strict water policies, and drought prone nations, could certainly use an alternative option to the numerous faux conservative shower nozzles circulating the retail market. Thankfully, the time of limiting ourselves is nearly over. A New Zealand… read more

This badminton bot helps pioneer energy-efficiency


Researchers at Flander’s Mechatronics Technology Centre in Belgium have created the ultimate man-vs-robot simulation: a badminton-playing bot that kicks butt. While the robot was designed to play badminton, it actually has a much more important purpose, namely, acting as a guinea pig for software that will make robots more energy efficient. Take a look:

Wind Power Innovations

Wind power innovations

2012 was the best year to date for wind power in the U.S., according to the American Wind Power Association, moving it into the number one spot for new energy resources. Taking up 42% of the scale of new power producing systems, 26 states and many other areas added wind turbine technology, making it a major investment. One of the most popular sources of renewable energy, wind power is not just restrained to the original wind farm. This type of energy is advancing to great technological heights, and several modern inventions will make you marvel at what is possible. For… read more