Public Urinal Turns Pee into Bamboo

Public bathrooms can be pretty disgusting, depending on the location, but so can the smell of urine wafting out from an alley, where those who opt to not find a bathroom have drained their bladders. One possible solution for both of those issues is a public urinal that uses bamboo plants to clean the water. The PPlanter (pee-pee planter?), which is the work of Hyphae Design Laboratory in Oakland CA, is a public urinal with a twist. The system, designed to be modular and rapidly deployable, uses two plastic storage tanks, one to hold clean water for washing hands and… read more

Google Preparing Big Plans For The Future


The “Do No Evil” company has been on a record buying spree these past few months, purchasing billions of dollars worth of companies, startups, patents, and more, which is causing quite a few head-scratches in Silicon Valley. Perhaps the biggest indicator of how Google plans on moving forward in the near future was the hiring of futurist Ray Kurzweil last year, which made him their new Director of Engineering. Kurzweil has been one of the biggest propagators of “The Singularity” — a moment in the future when humanity and technology merge in one fashion or another, irreversibly changing our way… read more

Artificial Leaf Nearing Completion


Researchers are close to completing the development of an artificial leaf that could generate hydrogen. The leaf would run on solar power and convert water into hydrogen and oxygen efficiently. The goal of the project is to create a viable renewable energy as part of the BISfuel initiative by the Energy Frontier Research Center — a company funded by the Dept. of Energy. “Initially, our artificial leaf did not work very well, and our diagnostic studies indicated that a step where a fast chemical reaction had to interact with a slow chemical reaction was not efficient,” said ASU chemistry professor… read more

The Downsides of Technology

Since the turn of the 21st century, new technology has changed life for us all. Historically, there have been many eras of technological advancement, however, this article will discuss only the most recent of such enlightenments; the“Dot Com Boom”. Smartphones, tablets, internet shopping, and more emerged around Y2K, and in the present day, we’ve been touched by these technologies in ways we never imagined 20 years ago. This begs the question; are we truly better off with this advanced technology? Before you misunderstand my point, know that I’m the last person to tell you that the Amish are living a… read more

Synthia — The Synthetic Life Form


In 2010, a breakthrough had been made in medical science. “Synthia”, as they called it, had been created. It was a synthetic life form that wasn’t quite synthetic, but heralded a new era of test-tube life forms. Here’s a quick video of one of the team’s scientists discussing their efforts at a TED talk: The reason the life form wasn’t 100% synthetic is because they created it using existing living cells. The process was guided by computer technology, which essentially takes the original cell and copies it. It’s a complicated process, but you can visit this link to view a… read more

The Way One Designer is Using Recycled Computers

Old TV's into Tiles

The rise of one technology usually leads to the demise of another. The rise of flat-panel technology is no exception. From televisions to tablets to laptops, flat screens have become standard for nearly any new device. However, the rise of the flat-panel has made CRT technology obsolete. CRT stands for cathode ray tube. You may know CRT better as the slightly curved glass screens that were used in old computer monitors and tube televisions. The screens were specially manufactured from lead glass to prevent shattering and to block X-ray emissions. As consumers have flocked to newer flat-panel devices, old CRT… read more

Movies Come To Life


In the world of tech startups, many unique device and gadget developers vie for public notoriety and capital to expound upon their original idea. Utilising websites such as Kickstarter or IndiGoGo, companies and individuals alike put their projects on display as they campaign to reach a monetary goal. However, not all inventors build atop a previous technology made popular by film and pop culture icons. Lex Kendall from Evolve Electric Motorcycles, and a personal fan of the Tron: Legacy movie, saw a market potential for one of the film’s futuristic vehicles. Working in collaboration with Parker Brothers Custom Choppers, he… read more

Why The Invention Of Warp Drives Is So Important


A presentation by NASA’s Dr. Harold White, head of the Advanced Propulsion Lab in November updated us on the possibility of reaching warp speeds in our lifetime. You can view the presentation below: So why is this so important, and how does it relate to ecological science? Not including the wild advancements this would bring for space discovery, warp drive has a very real affect on fuel and fuel conservation. Currently, it takes roughly 2 million litres of fuel to launch a shuttle into space. Even SpaceX and their Falcon 9 rocket use close to that amount in fuel, though… read more

A $15,000 Speaker Orb You Can Relax In

A $15,000 Speaker Orb You Can Relax In

Speakers not only amplify sound but can also intensify the effects of music. The AudioOrb speaker system is an entirely different way to listen to music that would certainly change the way you hear and feel what is playing. Users can get up close and personal to the loudspeaker’s components by sitting inside the encasing. There are 18 speakers placed in the interior of the Orb, said to emit a full and impressive audio experience. The Orb is conceptualized from a design called the Micasa Lab Cocoon. The enclosed space includes speakers instead of the previous design which had storage… read more

Self Washing Dishes to Casually Save Tons of Water

Self cleaning dishes

Self cleaning dishes may soon be a product on the shelves thanks to Swedish Design studio Tomorrow Machine. Their dishes need not be washed with gallon after gallon of precious water. They will actually clean themselves, without the need for scrubbing, just as soon as you are finished with your meal. The leftovers entirely will simply slide right off the plate leaving no grime to scrub. The development of these dishes got started when Swedish Forest Industries Federation asked researchers and designers to make a product that could be created with tree-based cellulose. Tomorrow Machine teamed with KTH Royal Institute of… read more