Quantum Computing

An artist's visualization of a quantum computer.

Scientists have fantasized for decades about the creation of a quantum computer that could operate eons ahead of modern ciphering capacities and store massive amounts of data. These theoretical computers could perform complex calculations and solve problems with greater efficiency than even the most advanced supercomputer. A classic PC is made up of memory bits, where each bit has a value of one or zero and operates using binary codes. In comparison, a quantum computer is made up of qubits, which can represent one, zero, or both at the same time. These powerful computers use atoms and molecules for memory… read more

A Big Deal

Offshore windfarms

In the upcoming presidential election, jobs are still a major issue to voters, and the candidates are expected to present plans to increase job growth and sustainability. Recently released jobs reports indicated unemployment dropped to 7.8%, though the people who exist on the fringes claimed it was a conspiracy—unemployment could not be that low. Let us assume the number is, in fact, real, and the job climate is getting better. “Getting better” doesn’t mean “no longer a concern” though, and there is a proposed development which could generate up to 70,000 jobs and 7,000 megawatts of energy. The Atlantic Wind Connection, funded… read more

Dissolvable Electronics

Soluble electronics

In Lewis carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Alice comes across the famous cat from Cheshire which discusses philosophy with Alice. After the talk the cat grins and disappears. The cat is gone but the grin stays. Electronic devices like Integrated circuits and CMOS have become an important part of life but what do we do once we are done with them? Throw them away? But this causes e-waste piles and it is estimated that these kinds of e-waste alone account up to 70% of toxic wastes currently found in landfills and a good percentage in the sea too. Electronic devices like pacemakers and… read more

100 Year Starship

Space travel

A group of intrepid scientists, entrepreneurs, and adventuresome individuals have teamed up to create a daring new plan to transport humanity out of our Solar System and into the oceans of the Cosmos. It’s called the 100 Year Starship Initiative, and it has attracted a lot of national attention recently. Many heavy-hitters in the political and business world have joined the initiative, bringing financial and social renown along with them as the project begins its first stage in planning and development. Former Astronaut Mae Jemison, the founder of the Dorothy Jemison Foundation For Excellence, won a bid through the Defense… read more

Rooftop Turbines

Rooftop wind turbines

Most wind turbines are placed offshore due to their sheer size and the possibility of dangerous incidents when and if they breakdown. Wind turbines are now being placed on top of buildings.  Rooftop wind turbines include a guard to save from incidents from the blades but questions are normally asked about the efficiency of the turbine and whether or not it is cost worthy. Typically, any device that can save money and energy from natural sources is a favorable incentive. The real issue with rooftop turbines is the cost to install and maintain them.  The regular cost of a rooftop turbine… read more

Driverless Cars On The Way

Driverless Cars

A few weeks ago, California became the second state behind Nevada to legalize driverless cars. While this has virtually no present day effect, in the future, car manufacturers who plan on integrating this technology into their products will depend on this law. And the fact that two very large states are willing to plan for the future is great for the tech industry as a whole. Currently, our best hope as consumers to one day purchase an automatic car rests with Google Inc, who have been street testing their small fleet of driverless cars for the past year in Nevada…. read more

$9 Cardboard Bike

Cardboard Bicycle

In an effort to be more ecologically-friendly, over the last few years many people have started riding bicycles to work and using them for short distance travel.  This has forced bicycle designers to make the design more attractive and light weight. Many companies have already started replacing the heavy metals in bicycles with carbon fibre. But an Israeli researcher, Izhar Gafni, has designed a totally cool and innovate bicycle which is made from an even lighter material – cardboard. Typically like most other great innovations the first prototype of his cardboard bicycle design was a failure.  It looked unattractive and therefore… read more

Energy Storage Required

Energy storage

It is very easy to forget about the logistics of energy systems when there is so much drama and conflict surrounding the energy sources, but it is imperative that energy storage is not forgotten when a final renewable energy policy is implemented. Producing a vast amount of energy from renewable sources is excellent, but it is generally accepted that a successful renewable energy policy will produce more energy than the demand calls for, which would require storage and preservation if intentions are to not waste the energy. This is not a new concept, nor is it foreign. Refrigerators solved the… read more

Alternative Energy Travel

Electric and hybrid vehicles

It has been predicted that gas-powered vehicles will be replaced by electric and hybrid modes of conveyance within 50 years. This would be a tremendous benefit to our planet, as well as other areas of everyday life impacted by alternative energy transportation. The importance of these ecologically conducive vehicles in today’s automobile research/development cannot be overstated, and here’s why: Health Benefits- Regional pollution will be dramatically reduced when a growing section of the population switches to EV’s (Electric Vehicles) or hybrid automobiles. Carbon emissions can adversely affect personal health if a driver is in or near a vehicle with poor… read more

Cooling Down The IT

Inside a data centre

Computers have virtually fashioned another world for humans, with recent encroachment like cloud computing, computers have become another home for humans giving them utmost services with a very little effort, but there is a serious problem with so called “data centres” which are volcanoes inside a room, it has been found in a recent research that more than half of energy consumed by data centres are used to cool down millions of processors inside boxes. This heightened problem has caught the attention of various design firms whose major job, now is to work in reducing the power consumed to cooling… read more