Viewing The Stars


We all enjoy a good stargazing session every once in awhile, though many of us live in the city, which makes it difficult to see through the lights, pollution, and skyscrapers. Fortunately, there are better solutions available than driving great distances to experience nature firsthand (although we recommend that also). Along with live stargazing resources, below are some terrific industry news websites for the space enthusiast in you. The first is called Spacevidcast. It’s a website with free live-streaming of celestial events, such as meteor showers, lunar eclipses, asteroid passes, and more. Whether you’re on break at work, or at… read more

Doorless Refrigerator


Refrigerators are one of the best inventions of all time. Ever since their creation, refrigerators have found their vital place in both the rich and middle-class homes to preserve food and to provide cooled food. The basic principle of cooling the box has never changed but the body, colour and structure are the factors which differentiate modern refrigerators from the older ones. A Massey University (in New Zealand) third year undergraduate student, Ben de la Roche, has come up with the idea of a new refrigeration “wall” which has absolutely no door and displays all the food so that you… read more

Building The Enterprise

U.S.S. Enterprise

According to the fictional television show Star Trek, a real-life U.S.S. Enterprise space ship will one day be designed and constructed by the year 2245. Fortunately for Trekkie fans, this may happen 200 years sooner than predicted if an engineer known as BTE Dan has his way. Dan imagines constructing a fully-operational Enterprise within 20 years, using current and near-future technology. He refers to his design as Gen1, or first generation. Dan has made the layout available on his website, and hopes that others will join him with financial backing and construction support. His website claims that the spaceship will… read more

Cleaning Space Junk

Space junk

Space exploration is a very important and interesting field. With satellites and other materials going to space every day there are many things up there which simply shouldn’t be there. Space landfill is becoming a big problem and one cannot ignore that as it will pose a serious threat to operational satellites and future satellites. British engineer, Dr. Jaime Reed, has come up with an innovative way to clean this junk from space with the help of a space harpoon, measuring only 30cm in length. The harpoon would be mounted onto a chaser satellite which would take the harpoon to 100m… read more

Renewable Energy Storage

Storing renewable energy

As renewable energy technology has gotten better and experienced an increase in production, there has been a shift from developing the technology to generate energy to developing the technology to store the energy. Renewable energy storage is incredibly important, since the sun doesn’t always shine, the wind doesn’t always blow, wind speeds fluctuate, the amount of sunlight is dependent on cloud coverage, etc. However, the storage options up until now have only been theoretical, impractical, or too costly to produce. Fossil fuel plants are seen as too difficult to adjust to modern storage options, since it takes a long time retrofit the energy-producing power… read more

Disposing of E-Waste

Disposing of e-waste

The advancement of digital technologies has increased the amount of the e-waste that we have started generating. The prime reason for this is the continuous advancements that keep moving in the digital sector which makes the previously manufactured products obsolete. These obsolete products are then either scrapped for dump sites, or are sent to developing countries, where they are used for a little more time and then scrapped until a newer technology further arrives. The e-waste generated by us comprises of both toxic as well as non toxic materials. While products like processors, PCBs, silicon chips etc are non toxic… read more

Solar Power on a Canal


Gujarat, a State in India known for its medium and small scale industries is becoming a front-runner of clean energy compared to other states and recently a canal-topped solar power plant was inaugurated under its visionary chief minister Narendera Modi. This dual purpose project has grabbed the attention of the internet and other media sources recently making it trending news. This plant can generate 1 MW of power and the beauty is that it doesn’t require any land for solar panels! The entire solar panel is constructed above a 750 meter canal which passes through remote village of chandrasan. The entire cost of the project is… read more

Simple Things

Innovation in developing nations

Science has always helped mankind with all it can to make life simpler and healthier. Revolutions happen around the clock from fountain pens to rockets helping humans in one way or the other. Certain innovations are made accidently while some are invented to meet problems but in most of cases they don’t reach the common man quickly or are too pricey for them to afford. Simple technology and easy-to-use innovations are better in places where energy, education and materials are plentiful.  In developing countries where resources are scarce  it could even be as simple as developing a water bottle but it makes a… read more

Cheap Renewable Energy

Power inverter research

At Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis an assistant professor, Afshin Izadian, has invented a new class of power inverter that could help put cheaper and more efficient renewable energy products on the market. The power inverter that he created employs just a single switching transistor and generates infinite-level voltages. Power inverters are the main technology of several renewable energy technologies. Solar power, battery storage, electric vehicles, motor drives and manufacturing robots all use inverters to generate AC power efficiently. The current inverters with multiple switching transistors generate limited voltage levels, are heavy, and require filters to reduce the harmful effects… read more

Solar Fish

Solar Fish

The oceans and seas of our planet are still a mystery for humans, and yet contain millions of creatures. New species are regularly being discovered under the waves and scientists are curious to explore the deepest and furthest reaches of this frontier to better understand our planet and to gain inspiration for our future. The Sunfish, is an enormous, flat looking fish. It is become the inspiration for the designers at AeroVironment to craft an ocean swimming robot, Mola, which is driven only by solar energy. The locomotion of this robot is similar to the sunfish which periodically comes to the surface… read more