NASA Moon Space Station

Orbiting base around the Moon

Since the 1960’s, when NASA successfully placed a man on the Moon, more ambitious plans have surfaced (and often died) in the so-called race to ensure humanity’s dominance of the cosmos. Recently, NASA has experienced a chaotic amount of budget cuts, management shifts, mission alterations, and more. However, a new deep-space plan with some logic and sense behind it may prove to be the next big thing in space travel. Once we returned from the Moon, the next project vision was that we should place a base on the Lunar surface for permanent colonization. It would also serve as a… read more

Civilization Starter Kit

OSE Logo

The Do-It-Yourself community has a new popular category; build your own farm equipment. It’s called Open Source Ecology, and according to the website, it is a “network of farmers, engineers, and supporters that for the last two years has been creating the Global Village Construction Set…”. Though it began two years ago, the open source project has recently begun receiving widespread popularity and acclaim. In essence, the group’s goal is to make available blueprints and designs for various farm equipment, buildings, tools, and more for the general public to get involved in self-sustainability. And in any case, it’s a great… read more

Underwater Sensors

Swimming with sensors

Scientific breakthroughs in nanotechnology have taken electronics to the next level by making the circuit smaller and smarter, but a professor at the University of California is proving that he can design circuits which can be pushed, pulled and even used under water. Thin film electrochemical sensors are directly printed on a flexible wetsuit by the team led by Joseph Wang paving the way for water resistive electronic sensors which has a potential application under water. With funding from the U.S. Navy and with the help of some members of his team who like to surf, Wang and team designed… read more

Army Hover Bike

Prototype hovercraft from Aerofex

In what appears to be a vehicle straight out of a Star Wars movie, the United States based Aerofax released a video a few months back showcasing their latest invention: a working hoverbike. It’s called a “Tandem-Duct Aerial Vehicle”, and it works by hovering above the ground using two powerful fans in the front and back of the rider. According to manufacturer Aerofex, piloting the bike is simple and instinctive, much like riding a regular bicycle or motorbike. The hovercraft moves and functions with the same type of mechanics, which also suggests that just about anybody could hop on and drive… read more

Algae Powered Lamp

Algae powered light

In the world of cool eco-friendly inventions, 2012 and 2013 have so far been the best years for innovative designers to showcase their products. A great, independent design venture website called Designboom has told us of an ingenious attempt to reinvent the lamp by a designer by the name of Mike Thompson. Basically, Thompson has invented a lamp that runs on algae, water, and . . . well, CO2 from your breath. You store the lamp outside in the daytime, and photosynthesis will generate electricity through the algae. When you need to use the light, the electricity will be released and power… read more

Screening Touch Screens

Touch screen devices

Nowadays we are surrounded by numerous gadgets- Cellphones, Tablets, Handhelds, Smart Kiosks, Gaming Consoles. The list is virtually endless and more devices keep being added every week. But there is one common input for all these devices: the Touch Screen. Touch Screens come in all shapes and sizes. They are easy to use and they have found their application in almost all of our devices. We all know how to use these screens, but what we don’t know is how these screens manage to act as both input and output devices at the same time. The Touch Screens that we… read more

Acoustic Energy

Acoustic energy waves

While some of us get irritated by the noise, Jeong Ho You finds an innovation from it. Jeong Ho You, a mechanical engineer at the Southern Methodist University, says “Acoustic energy is everywhere”. With tiny resonating chambers, he wants to trap some of acoustic energy and convert it to low-amperage currents which can power small electronic devices. Similar to Ho You, Mark Sheplak, a research fellow at the University of Florida has worked with acoustic energy. In fact he has built an acoustic energy harvester for a NASA jet engine research project. He says “A lot of people wrote it off because there… read more

Prepaid Electricity Bills

Benefits of prepaying electricity bills

For the longest time, the Swaziland Electricity Company has used the traditional billing system whereby the company sends a monthly electricity bill to consumers through the postal service. Recently, the utility company embarked on a countrywide project in which it completely abandoned the aforementioned system for prepaid electricity. Prepaid electricity brings much needed hope in energy conservation and alternative energy sources in that, consumers no longer have the luxury of grace periods which allowed them to compound or accumulate a bill while continuing to consume electricity. The consumer is now forced to be vigilant and careful as to the amount… read more

A Day Made Of Glass

A glass globe of Earth

Glass manufacturer, Corning, released a video in early 2012 that displayed their vision of a future in which glass and computer technology merge for aesthetic and practical functionality. Their goal is to help create a world where bulky and un-reusable gadget materials are a thing of the past. Much of the tech in the video is currently available today, and here is a list of neat glass gadgets that will transform the industry. Handheld Display Glass: Lightweight, bendable, and affordable glass is currently being designed and manufactured by several companies, with the purpose of implementing the technology into modern day devices…. read more

Pocket Towel to Go

Photo Credit: Jimmy Pocket Towel

Did you know that 13 billion pounds of paper towels end up in our landfills every year? The Jimmy Towel is a reusable hand towel that folds down into a durable case for people to use whenever they find themselves in need of a towel away from home. The invention launched November 27th on crowd funding site Kickstarter and will be available there until December 27th. Ramsey and Lee Johnson hope that the Jimmy Towel will grow beyond just a project on Kickstarter but to an extension of the green movement that saves trees, reduces waste and brings greater consciousness… read more