Google Search Serves Up Food Nutrition Info in Results


For those seeking to change their eating habits, or help with sticking to a diet, or are cooking for someone with specific nutritional requirements, the world’s most loved search engine just made it a whole lot easier. Google Search has put the nutritional information for over 1000 common foods right into its search results page, so all you need to do is “Google” the food you want information for, and the nutrition info comes up next to the usual search results. That’s one less click and much less time spent searching the results page for what you want, which could… read more

Power-Generating Fabric

Power Generating Fabric

While traditionally used to protect humans from harsh climate conditions, clothes embedded with smart fibers can additionally alleviate stresses placed on the environment by humans. Fibers can be considered ‘smart’ if their reaction to the conditions they are subject to are powerful enough to harvest energy. Primary examples of smart fibers include photovoltaic and piezoelectric fibers. Photovoltaic fibers draw on solar energy, making them suitable in applications that receive plenty of exposure to sunlight. Piezoelectric fibers are stimulated by mechanical strain and vibration, the reaction to which is strong enough to generate energy. As piezoelectric materials portray the piezoelectric effect,… read more

Can WiFi Signals Kill Plants?

Can WiFi Signals Kill Plants?

Noteworthy science isn’t only reserved for grant funded research studies. A team of ninth grade students from Hjallerup School in North Jutland, Denmark have created an international buzz among the realm of the scientifically involved. Lea Nielsen, Mathilde Nielsen, Signe Nielsen, Sisse Coltau and Rikke Berg recently decided to investigate WiFi routers and their effect, if any, on plant life for a class science project. Their findings are profoundly interesting. Similar published studies have also been done, many with related results. They had the idea for the study when they thought about their nightly cellphone habits, which sometimes included sleeping with them… read more

Raw Low-Grade Cotton Absorbs 30 Times Its Weight in Crude Oil

Raw Low-Grade Cotton Could Clean Up Crude Oil Spills

The inevitable spills of crude oil could be cleaned up with low-grade cotton in the future, according to research from The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH). Low-grade, or low-micronaire cotton, which accounts for about 10% of the cotton grown in West Texas, does not take a dye well, so it gets discounted. But according to the new research, it also happens to be remarkably effective at picking up crude oil, and can not only pick it up on the surface of the cotton, but can also absorb the oil right into the fiber itself. In fact, it’s so… read more

New Process Turns Cement into Metal Semiconductor

New Process Turns Cement into Metal Semiconductor

A team of scientists, including a physicist from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory and associates from Japan, Finland and Germany, have uncovered the process for turning liquid cement into liquid metal, which could lead to advances in electronics. “This new material has lots of applications, including as thin-film resistors used in liquid-crystal displays, basically the flat panel computer monitor that you are probably reading this from at the moment” – Chris Benmore, physicist at U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory The process, which is called ‘electron trapping’, turns what is normally an insulating material… read more

Case of Bass Providing a Cool Way to Upcycle Tunes

Case of Bass Providing a Cool Way to Upcycle Tunes

They have deemed it an anti-earbud movement with style. Ezra and Alex Cimino-Hurt, brothers and business partners, have found a creative way to reuse tossed out suitcases, train boxes, speakers and electrical components. And what is even better than an upcycling project is one that ends up with a dual duty purpose. Located in Portland, Oregon, their brainchild, Case of Bass, offers musical reincarnations of the carrying case. They refurbish discarded cases and turn them into sound systems, complete with inner audio workings powered by lightweight, rechargeable battery packs. They only resort to using new materials and electronics when worthy… read more

Are Algae Powered Vehicles a Possibility?

Are Algae Powered Vehicles a Possibility?

There are many ways of converting substances to biodiesel fuel, and researchers are continually finding new ways to use neat materials for gassing up vehicles. Algae are one example of a conceivable substance that seems to have some potential. When mixed with sunlight, bacteria and carbon dioxide, algae, in its water dense environment produces a lot of oil. In fact, an alga’s mass contains around 50% oil, which can be gathered, processed and converted into biodiesel fuel. Palm oils, in contrast, contain about 20% of convertible oil. Algae are naturally carbohydrate rich and can be turned into ethanol. Using algae as… read more

It’s Boiling Under The Sun

It's boiling under the sun

Basic physics states that steam cannot exist without a boiling liquid. An innovative and possibly revolutionary new method of utilizing solar power follows that law. The problem with steam power is the inefficiency and waste associated with the initial boil of a liquid. Traditional methods of boiling liquid are dependent on convection, a process involving both conduction (heat diffusion) and advection (heat transfer by bulk fluid flow) whereby heat is introduced to the material. Slowly the temperature of the liquid increases from the heat application area to the other areas of the liquid. This is the method stove-top heating elements use,… read more

The Downdraft Tower – A Windy Alternative


We know skyscrapers – and other structures of human occupation – consume a lot of energy over their lifetime, but what if there was a skyscraper that generated energy instead? When completed, the proposed Downdraft Tower will make this possible. The Downdraft Tower is the central project of the Clean Wind Energy company, a public company who focuses on green alternatives to traditional wind sourced energy. Further developing a concept that was created nearly thirty years ago, the tower would utilize proven methods to create a reliable source of wind energy. The tower could operate in most climates, though it is… read more

‘Spaceship Earth’ And Our Dwindling Resources

Artist's Concept

Spaceship Earth. A term not heard everyday, but one with great implications behind it. In short, it is a phrase used to express concern over the Earth’s dwindling resources, and to define our part as a collective to work for the planet’s greater good. The term was first coined by Barbara Ward in her book Spaceship Earth after a speech by her good friend, Adlai Stevenson, to the U.N. Stevenson was a politician in the Democratic party of the U.S., as well as the 5th U.S. ambassador to the U.N. In his speech, he said, “We travel together, passengers on… read more