Spray-On Clothing: The Future Of Fabric


Spray sunblock, spray tans, and mosquito spray; these are just a few of the summer items we’ve grown accustomed to. Get ready to add spray-on clothing to that list, as it’s soon to become a reality. It might sound like something from a Hollywood movie, though much of the next-generation technology we’ve seen recently appears to have been created as a direct result of science fiction’s imagination. Spray-on clothing is just another one of those things you’ll eventually say, “Well, of course they invented spray-on clothing! Duh!” The first inkling of this tech was reported a few years ago, when… read more

Guide to 100 Sustainable Solutions from Sustainia


In our attempt to transition to a more sustainable world, there are plenty of solutions, and a new guide brings 100 of the most innovative ideas and technologies to light. This year’s sustainability guide from Sustainia, called SUSTAINIA100, features some of the best readily available projects and technologies across 10 essential sectors, from energy to transportation to fashion, and they aren’t just ‘pie in the sky’, but actually achievable, and profitable. “The solutions are available and they are profitable. Our challenge is to bring them to scale. Political power can help this happen by creating a framework with targets, standards,… read more

Solar Powered Gadgets

Artist's Concept

Saving electrical costs is a top-priority for homeowners. Solar power, until recently, has been an expensive option for everyday consumers. Unless you required an entire city block’s worth of power, going green really wasn’t monetarily feasible. That all changed last year, when a wide variety of solar-powered gadgets debuted at the consumer technology tradeshow, CES. Not only is the next generation of green gadgets affordable and utilitarian, but they look wonderful and will add an artistic flair to any tech setup. The first on our list is solar powered wi-fi pictured above. This is best for on-the-go internet needs, as it’s essentially just… read more

Recharging Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Recharging Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are one thing that a lot of us depend on. Many people don’t know that a potential charge or two can be left behind in alkaline batteries that were thought to have run their course. There are products available to help extract that last bit of power, and you can also make your own battery reviver at home with a few supplies to extend their lifespan and also prolong their trip to the recycler for as long as possible. The Battery Wizard for alkaline batteries is one example of a product on the market to bring back non-rechargeables another… read more

Innovations For The Future


As the world progresses and grows, the things we’re doing right become obvious, as they benefit our day-to-day lives. On the flip side of the coin, the things we’re doing wrong stick out like a sore thumb. Innovations are like boy bands; a new one debuts every week. When it comes to ecology in the fields of technology, health care, and transportation, there are breakthroughs that take us further into the future, and then there are approaches that make us look like we’re still in the middle-ages. Below are the areas that painfully require an overhaul. Automobiles What’s that, you… read more

New Methods Of Cleaning Oil Spills


Today, our methods of cleaning up tragic oil spills, such as the Deepwater Horizon accident and other large spills throughout history, haven’t changed that much. In fact, scientists really haven’t innovated this area at all. It’s still ridiculously expensive, inefficient, time-consuming, and frustrating to clean up after things like neglect and human-error cause these environmental disasters. So why isn’t something being done to overhaul our cleanup approach? The easy answer is that there aren’t enough large spills to justify research into new cleaning styles. It’s sort of like trying to find a new way to connect to electricity without creating… read more

Solar Made Simple

Photovoltaic Panels

The photoelectric effect occurs when a compatible object exposed to a light source absorbs the light and then generates minute electrical currents. Initially discovered in 1839 by French physicist Edmund Bequerel, Albert Einstein defined this relationship and the basis of photovoltaic design. Bell Laboratories built the first solar unit in 1954, but utilizing the information on a larger scale was not introduced in the U.S. until the 1960’s where it surfaced in the space program arena. It became increasingly popular as an efficient energy source in the 1970’s when other power sources were unstable. Solar panels are progressively becoming utilized… read more

Generating Heat With Human Bodies


An ambitious, and definitely unique, plan is underway in Paris, France to generate heat for an apartment complex above the Paris metro. Waiting passengers’ collective body heat will generate heat to the complex above, along with heat from passing trains, the rail, etc. It’s an experiment right now, but if it proves useful, the system may be implemented more widely, and might not be limited just to the Paris metro. Using heat exchangers, researchers will tap into human caloric heat and transform it into usable heat for the tenants above. It won’t be a stand-alone system, and will be used… read more

Robots and Us

Robots And Us

The integration of robotic assistants into modern society has progressed much slower than perhaps Isaac Asimov or Stanley Kubrick had imagined. And yet, in many ways, we have evolved far beyond the original assessments of robotic usefulness. When Asimov penned I, Robot, he envisioned a world in which robots become self-aware and attempt the extermination of their human creators. Fortunately, that scenario is highly unlikely, if not downright ludicrous. While it’s true that some researchers are attempting to create robots with evolved brain capabilities, scientists have all but counted out the possibility of a robotic uprising anytime in the future…. read more

We Care Solar Suitcases Essential For Saving Lives

We Care Solar Suitcases Essential For Saving Lives

Real world issues need solid solutions. There are many solar lighting designs and companies that provide safe, reliable lighting to those in need. There are however, solar products that incorporate more than much needed light. One such design is an all-inclusive suitcase from We Care Solar. Dr. Laura Stachel, an obstetrician and researcher, has been in the field for years, fighting for a basic right for women around the globe – safe childbirth. Pakati – This word means pregnancy in a certain region in Malawi. Dr. Stachel, upon asking for the literal translation of this local term, was told by… read more