An Open World Is Wonderfully Terrifying


The world is becoming ever more connected with each passing second. While you were sleeping last night, 227,792 new internet users were added somewhere around the globe. A whopping 2.3 billion people, or 1/3 of our planet’s population, access the internet almost everyday. This presents a whole bunch of possibilities for the future, along with a host of potential problems. We all know (or should know) about cloud computing, and how it will be utilized in the years to come. People will continue their mass exodus from local storage and move their data online, along with computer, tablet, and phone operating systems becoming… read more

The Green Energy Machine

Green Energy Machine

When we consider “going green” and alternative energy choices, we usually think of solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal energy. Rarely would we think of transforming human waste into a power source, but that’s exactly what South African company IST Energy thought up with their Green Energy Machine or GEM. This shipping container-sized device dramatically cuts a building’s waste-disposal costs per year, while transforming that otherwise useless garbage into much-needed heat and electricity. The machine is 100% clean, because it doesn’t burn the trash, but uses a process called gasification instead. The GEM unit takes up as much as 3 parking spaces… read more

A Green Future

A Green Future

Often times, we wonder why it can be so difficult convincing people that going green is a necessary route for the future sustainability of our planet. It almost feels like pulling hair just to get friends and family to see the same way we do. Why would somebody want to keep paying their electric bill when they can install a home automation system or even solar panels to save on costs? And if people realized that purchasing an all-electric or hybrid vehicle has nearly the same cost as a traditional gas-powered car, wouldn’t they seek that alternative option? It’s one… read more

DIY Fashion T-Shirts


Do you have any blank t-shirts (or sweatshirts for that matter) that you’re thinking of getting rid of? Or maybe you’d just like to insert some spontaneity and randomness into your life? This video will help you achieve both those goals. Fashion t-shirts are all the rage this year (actually every year, if we’re being honest), which means some companies feel the need to jack their prices up. Rather than waste money on those shirts, you can both save money and reuse your old shirts by creating designs by yourself.

Paper Into Bricks

Paper Into Bricks

Spanish researchers have found a way to turn paper waste into bricks using a process that takes less energy than diverting waste into a landfill. Scientists at Spain’s University of Jaen created the process using waste from paper mills. It’s an experiment that other researchers have attempted before, but it appears that working-models have finally become a reality. Gizmag reads that, “The scientists gathered cellulose from a paper mill, along with sludge left over from the purification process of that plant’s waste water. Those substances were then mixed with clay used in building construction, pressurized, and then extruded in one… read more

Green Jeans Made from Recycled Water Bottles

Green Jeans

We love our jeans, but they’ve got a real problem. The cotton that we rely on to make denim uses 25% of all the insecticides on Earth, and growing it consumes vast amounts of freshwater to produce a yield (estimated at 22,000 liters of water for every kilo of cotton). If we want to live in a more sustainable way, and we’re going to continue to make and wear jeans, then it stands to reason that a better pair of jeans is called for. That’s where Dirtball comes in. They make eco-friendly clothing with pre-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer polyester… read more

Extreme Green Designs


The global move towards sustainability has instigated a burst of creativity and innovation amongst all sectors of design. Whether you seek an efficient alternative to conventional transport or wish to port around humanely crafted fashions, chances are, you’ll be presented with at least a handful options that were invented with the merits of sustainability in mind. Thus, the idea of a green market may not be new to you. There are within each branch of design, however, notable exceptions that boarder on the bizarre.   Bacteria Clothing Biocouture is a UK based design consultant agency, who specializes in merging science… read more

C02 – Glowing, Glowing Gone With Algae Lamps

C02 - Glowing, Glowing Gone With Algae Lamps

An interest in renewable energy is often the inspiration behind clever, and sometimes unusual, ideas that try to harness resourceful venues for their potential benefits. Examples of innovative attempts to turn everyday products into designs with naturally free power can be found in the following 2 lamp models. A parking area in Bordeaux, France is housing a prototype of an interesting streetlight concept. Biochemist Pierre Calleja has developed an edition of a street lamp that contains microalgae and a battery. The luminous green algae charge up the battery by way of photosynthesis, soaking up the sunlight during the daytime and eerily glowing in the… read more

Artist Renders Amazing Upcycled Star Wars Series

Artist Renders Amazing Upcycled Star Wars Series

Gabriel Dishaw has a way with recycled materials. Specializing in upcycled art and sculpture, he combines items like metals and discarded electronic components and assembles them into quite imaginative works. Dated technology like typewriters, computers, miscellaneous keys and other machine parts are brought to life as mechanical displays. Utilizing cast off pieces from no longer needed objects allows the artist to create masterful pieces without attributing to landfill waste. One of his works, the Star Wars Series, is a collection of sculptures that are recycled replications of characters from the saga. Fans of the classic films will surely appreciate these… read more

Robotic Oil Spill Cleaner

Robot Prototypes

Could tiny robots be our nation’s future go-to cleaning solution for massive oil spills? The University of Colorado Boulder seems to think so. In fact, they’ve created a lab specifically designed for building tiny swarms of robotic balls that work together to clean up oil. The lab consists of 20 ping-pong ball sized robots, which the students refer to as “droplets”. The droplets work together to create a “liquid that thinks”. It’s quite incredible to consider a future where robots think autonomously to solve problems, but that’s exactly what UCB Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll imagines will one day become reality…. read more