Wireless Mesh Network Allows for Remote Home Automation


A new smartphone and web app will let users control their home, pool, or spa, wherever they are, using a wireless mesh “Z-Wave” network of devices. Homeowners can connect with their smart home from anywhere they have access to the internet access, enabling remote video of their property, access to the security system, and total control over all of the connected devices. With the growing demand for home automation, apps and devices that can deliver a total solution that’s simple, powerful, and affordable will allow for more entry-level smart home installations, which can lead to better and more efficient use… read more

Charge Your Gadgets with this Campstove

BioLite CampStove

If you want to be able to charge up your gadgets while in the backcountry, without carrying an extra piece of equipment with you, you can do so at the same time you’re cooking dinner, as long as you have a BioLite CampStove. Not only does the BioLite charge your gadgets for you, but it also cooks your dinner for you. And you don’t have to haul any fuel for it, as it provides all the heat (and power) you need by burning twigs, pine cones, or small scraps of wood. The BioLite CampStove ($129) uses a small internal fan… read more

Wireless Sensor Measures Indoor Environment


A new little gadget will allow you to measure “everything that can be measured about indoors”, ranging from temperature and humidity to lighting and air quality, and then stream that data wirelessly to the cloud, where users can access it from any device. If you really want to optimize the indoor environment in your home or workplace for the health and comfort of those living or working there, CubeSensors might be the right tool for the job, especially for people who like to use better data for making decisions. CubeSensors are small environmental sensors powered by a rechargeable battery that… read more

Monitor Your Car with Your iPhone


A new device for your car takes advantage of the smartphone revolution by linking the car’s onboard computer to your phone, potentially saving you gas money through tracking your driving habits, as well as alerting you to any problems that arise with the vehicle. The Automatic Link, which is said to be compatible with almost any gas-fueled car sold in the U.S. since 1996, connects to your car’s data port and communicates with your smartphone wirelessly, via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The device gathers data from your car, as well as the GPS in your phone, and learns your driving… read more

Technology Turns The Tide


It seems a contradiction, however technology and digital developments are helping us to become more energy conscious. Up to now consumers in the developed world have had an insatiable appetite for all the new mobile technology being launched each year. In fact so clever have marketing departments become, that we race out to buy the latest updates regardless of whether our existing device still functions perfectly well. The ‘must have’ mindset has set in. However, another fact of life is that everything old will be new again. Indeed the refurbishment of products by their original manufacturer has led to an upswing in demand… read more

High Efficiency Solar Cells may Augment Smartphone Batteries

Alta Devices solar cell

Our powerful smartphones and tablets are only as good as their battery life, and finding an outlet to recharge them isn’t always as easy as it seems, especially when you’re on the move. But in the near future, we could be using small, highly-efficient solar cells to help power our mobile devices and boost their battery lives, thanks to the new generation of solar cell technology from Alta Devices Alta Devices, which recently set a record for solar cell efficiency at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of 30.8%, makes extremely thin and flexible cells using Gallium Arsenide, which could really… read more

Pint-Sized PCs

Pint Sized PCs

The CuBox Pro Open-Source computer, the latest in a growing line of small, energy-efficient, linux-powered computers, has recently become available for consumers to purchase. The CuBox is a tiny 2 cubic inches, and is one of the smallest “desktop” PC’s available on the market. The Linux operating system is also well-known to be an energy-efficient alternative to Windows and Mac OS. Along with its miniscule design, the CuBox also uses only 3 watts of energy. Even though it may have a small power output, the computer is great for a wide range of application-heavy projects. The specifications include an 800MHz dual… read more

Donate Your Flash Drives

Donating USBs for charity

Flash drives are one example of computing accessories that are often left lying around. USB flash drives can be recycled, although only certain components can be salvaged. If still in good working condition, consider donating them to causes where they will be put to good use. Still usable sticks can be sent to Recycle USB where they will benefit children. Received flash drives are loaded with the Sugar Learning Platform which transforms them into mobile computer operating systems. This is a brilliant idea that comes to life at Sugar Labs, a non-profit supplier that works with another non-profit organization, the Software… read more

Fried Fuel

Fried Fuel

In the 1900’s, Rudolf Diesel successfully constructed the diesel engine, then stirred up controversy when he showed that his invention could be powered with peanut oil. The cooking oil as fuel concept did not really resurface again until the 1970’s when the oil industry was in emergency mode. Though the idea may not be new, innovative products are appearing that are making it easier for the average consumer to utilize agricultural based fuel methods. Diesel engines can be converted which enables them to run on new or recycled cooking oil. Though examples may make it sound as simple as pour… read more

Battery Recycling


Batteries can be found in most homes, businesses and schools. While we need these little operators to power up our necessities and gadgets, they can pose a devastating effect on our environment as they contain toxic metal compounds. Recycling keeps them out of landfills and allows extracted metals to be reused. More services are becoming available to make recycling batteries easier as up to now it has been expensive and recycling centers have not been equipped to handle salvaging them. Earth911 provides an overview of various types of batteries. Alkaline manganese batteries are used to power many household items. These… read more