Affordable 3D Printing

Form-1 Printer

We’ve written several times about 3D printing because, well, it’s one of the coolest and most innovative new industries of the decade. From giant 3D printed houses, to the many different uses for these devices, 3D printing is a pretty big deal. Not only are the materials used in 3D printers cheap, but the printers themselves are essentially home-based factories, making you an eco-friendly force to be reckoned with. Save gas by skipping out on a trip to the mall and simply build your own products yourself. Today, we’ll share with you some of the most affordable printers on the market,… read more

This Hand-Cranked Espresso Machine Goes Anywhere


If you’ve got a taste for espresso, and you want to be able to drink it anytime, anywhere, even far off the beaten path, then this portable espresso machine might be just the right tool for the job. Imagine an espresso machine that uses no electricity (or fuel of any kind, for that matter), is small enough to be portable, and can produce high quality shots of espresso just using a hand pump. Well, it’s almost here, as the Nomad portable espresso machine lives up those expectations, and is well on its way to being funded through Kickstarter. You have… read more

Kudo Solar iPad Case Keeps Tablets Charged

KudoSol Solar iPad Case

Getting stuck with a low battery on a gadget while you’re out and about can be incredibly frustrating, but this solar charging iPad case can keep you powered up. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes we can forget to charge our devices fully before leaving the house, and on top of that, we might also walk out without our charging cord, so we’ve got no ability to recharge later, either. However, if your iPad case came with an integrated solar panel and backup battery, such as the KudoSol does, your tablet will be fully energized for hours and hours… read more

Free App Helps Calculate Household Water Consumption

Water Use Calculator App

Water conservation is an important part of learning how to live more sustainably, but other than looking at a water bill once a month, there isn’t an easy way to see where the water goes. But now you can easily get more waterwise by gaining awareness of just how much water your household consumes with this new free app. The Water Use Calculator, from the National Ground Water Association, is a free iPhone/iPad app designed to help consumers build a better awareness of their own water use (and costs), and then help to reduce them. The app offers a simple… read more

Air Purifier Cleans Air by Committing Airocide


If you’re looking for the ultimate in clean air, consider the Airocide, which uses NASA-developed technology to eliminate indoor toxins and pollutants. We talk a lot about the importance of clean air in our neighborhoods, but we sometimes we forget that the most important location for clean air is in the rooms where we live and work. The same air that is polluted outside of our buildings is the same air that gets pulled inside for ventilation, where it then also mixes with gasses and pollutants coming from the furnishings and building materials that make up the rooms. Because we… read more

App Translates Energy Use into Wasted Money

What's On?

Sometimes, all you need in order to change your behavior is to have a different perspective on it, and this new app wants to do that with your relationship with energy. Because electricity use is sort of invisible (except for the bill you get every month), it can be hard to visualize wasteful home energy habits, which not only use precious resources and produce pollution, but also cost money. Helping users track and understand their own electricity consumption is the aim of What’s On, an app currently in development. The app presents checklists to the users (with common values pre-set)… read more

Transparent Solar Cells Could Power Future Gadgets

Kork ipad tray

It seems like the ultimate solution for mobile power needs is the ability to coat the outside of our devices (including the screens) with solar cells, which could then provide all of the electricity needed to power them. But because you can’t see through conventional photovoltaic cells, a new kind of solar cell would be needed, and one startup is already working on it. Imagine a solar cell that was transparent and could be built into the screen of an iPad or mobile phone, allowing the device to harvest energy from the sun, while it’s being used. That’s one possible… read more

Solar Powered Digital Camera Generates Own Energy

Sun and Cloud camera

In a twist on providing mobile power for a digital camera, one Japanese company is selling a solar-powered, hand-cranked model, which is said to be “self-generating”. The camera, called Sun & Cloud, comes from Superheadz Japan, and offers not only the ability to generate the electricity needed to operate it, but it also includes built-in photo filters for getting the ultimate in digital retro pictures. A small solar panel mounted on the top of the camera can charge up the internal battery, or users can charge it up manually via a hand crank generator set in the side of it…. read more

Coming Soon: Wireless Wind Meter for Smartphones


Taking accurate wind speed measurements anytime, anyplace, is about to get a whole lot easier, thanks to a new wind meter that’s in the process of being Kickstarted. Being able to measure the speed of the wind at specific times and places can be a boon to many people, including kitesurfers, sailors, paragliders, and yes, even wind turbine owners. But the wind speeds reported from data stations may not be that accurate, due to local geological features and thermal conditions. The folks behind Vaavud, a new wireless wind meter that connects to Android and iPhones, are kitesurfers who got frustrated… read more

Go Paperless with this Digital Receipts App

Proximiant App

Getting a receipt for your transactions is good practice, both for tracking your expenses and just in case there’s an error or you need to return something. But do you really need a paper copy of receipts? One issue with paper receipts is the toll on the environment, from the paper to the ink to the materials that make up the printer itself, and the other issue is that they aren’t very efficient to reference or search after the fact. Digital receipts, however, can be tagged, categorized, searched, or annotated very easily, and because they don’t use any physical resources… read more