Solar Light Bulbs and Lamps Provide Safe Lighting

Evans Wadongo

Kerosene lamps pose many health risks and other hazards, but are still used in many areas where there is no electricity. Solar lighting provides a safe and efficient alternative, and many companies are taking the initiative and making durable solar light bulbs and lanterns that allow lighting without kerosene. Discovery News has compiled great samples of solar powered lights and their designers that are making a real difference in the daily lives of those who have access to them by eliminating dependence on harmful kerosene based lighting. Waterproof solar lanterns from Greenlight Planet in India have helped to replace some… read more

Could A Robot Jellyfish Save the Ocean?

Robot jellyfish from Virginia Tech

The robot revolution began a decade ago with ‘Asimo’ by Honda. Now, bolder and bolder robots have debuted from likely sources (DARPA, Air Force, etc), and unlikely ones (Kickstarter, MIT, etc). A new aquatic ‘bot from Virginia Tech may one day be used to keep our oceans safe. Nicknamed ‘Cyro’, this five-foot, seven-inches jellyfish robot is a machine to behold. It’s extremely lifelike in its functions and programming, and from a distance could fool even the most veteran of marine researchers. And that’s the main idea. Cyro will one day patrol for illegal dumping, pollution, and spills off our nation’s… read more

Top 10: Best Green Apps

Apps to help you go green

Blackle Mag presents our Top Ten green apps list for 2013. What do you think? Have we missed any great apps? Let us know in the comments. Many of us have a smartphone, and chances are high that yours is a fancy Apple iPhone or Android device. If this is the case, you may or may not realize the wealth of information at your fingertips on eco conservation, recycling, green tips, etc. Blackle Mag presents our Top Ten green apps list. 1. iRecycle:  This app is a useful tool for discovering local recycling depots around you. Whether you’re at home… read more

Web App Grades Websites on Sustainability

Internet energy use

The internet has enabled huge advances in learning and sharing information, and our world is the richer for it, but it doesn’t come without a cost. And the cost is not found just in the price of the hardware and services forming the infrastructure, but also in the environmental effects of increased power demands (and the associated carbon emissions) for driving the storage and delivery of bits and bytes from the servers to your screen. Have you ever wondered what the carbon footprint is for something as vast and varied as the internet? According to Mightybytes, the estimated 50 million… read more

Remote Control Inspection Robots Can Climb Wind Turbine Towers


A new type of wind turbine inspection device is capable of climbing straight up the side of the turbine’s tower and along the blades, enabling technicians to examine the equipment without leaving the ground. One decidedly unexciting aspect of wind power is the need for regular inspections and maintenance of installed wind turbines, and because most inspections require a human technician to use a rigging system to ascend and descend the towers, coming up with innovative ways to reduce the risk and increase the effectiveness of inspections could be a key component in the growth and success of wind power…. read more

EnergySaver App Analyzes Household Energy Use, Saves Money


Want some help saving energy (and money) at home? Then you may want to check out the EnergySaver app, which analyzes, tracks, and displays your energy usage, so you can cut out unnecessary and phantom power demands. If you don’t know the details of your electricity, gas, and water use at home, it can be tough to figure out which appliances and activities could be optimized or replaced in order to reduce wasteful consumption, and that’s where this app comes in. EnergySaver helps users to analyze their current and past energy consumption rates, and then estimates future usage, not just… read more

Wattio Offers Complete SmartHome Platform


Convert your home into a smart home with Wattio’s SmartHome 360º system, and take complete control of the energy used to power or heat it, right from your smartphone or tablet. Wattio’s system uses smart gateways, thermostats, energy monitors, and plugs, networked together so that users can monitor and control everything with an app or via a web browser, potentially saving both money and energy. In-home control of the SmartHome 360º is through the Wattio Gateway, which functions as both the hub for the system and as a local display of settings. The Wattio Thermic replaces the thermostat for temperature… read more

Food Tripping App Finds Fast Food Alternatives Near You


Many of us are exploring changes in our diet these days, either to be a little greener in our eating habits, or to cut down on the unhealthy effects that eating out all the time can bring. Sometimes, just knowing what the other choices are can help us to make better decisions, and if you want some help in your efforts to eat healthier, there’s a new mobile app that can locate alternatives to fast food that are near you. It’s easy to spot fast food joints, as their billboards and signs are very visible from most roads, but there… read more

Charge Gadgets While Pedaling with the Siva Cycle Atom


While you’re spinning those pedals to get to where you’re going, you could also be charging up a portable power pack, if you happen to have one of these little bicycle generators from Siva Cycle. We’ve come a long way since those first bicycle generators that put out just enough power to keep your headlight lit while pedaling, and this latest iteration of the bike generator lets you not only convert some of your energy into electricity, but stores it in a handy little mobile power pack. The Siva Cycle Atom is a lightweight (300 g) kinetic energy charger that… read more

Two Energy Efficiency Apps Go Free for Earth Day

verde energy efficiency apps

One of the simplest and most effective ways for us to lessen our environmental footprint is through home energy efficiency, and in honor of Earth Day, two great mobile apps for guiding that process are available for free. Both apps come from Verde L3C, and can help iPhone/iPad users to make smart decisions in the process of gaining energy efficiency in their own homes. The first app, Verde, aims to educate consumers about their energy use and find the best eco-friendly products for their home, and according to the company, users that follow the suggestions and upgrade to more efficient… read more