The Silk Leaf Replicates Science

The Silk Leaf Replicates Science

As the fall season is creeping up around some parts of the world, the eyes can turn to the changing appearances of outdoor scenery, like trees, plants and leaves. Leaves bring on a colorful autumn display, and their natural design is often replicated in art, architecture and science. Julian Melchiorri, a graduate from the Royal College of Art, has invented a fully functional synthetic leaf called the Silk Leaf. Though it is a man-made version of a leaf it operates as a natural leaf, complete with the processes of a normal plant. Made from chloroplasts that come from plant cells and fibers from silk proteins,… read more

These 3 Handy Tools Let You Be A Food Scientist

These 3 Handy Tools Let You Be A Food Scientist

Keeping track of everything in the food supply is nearly impossible. While label reading and careful consumption certainly helps, we all know what an extra effort it can be to try and uncover the potentially harmful and amplify the beneficial. The following resources are a few clever tools that are helpful and simple to use. Though no one wants yet another gadget to have to carry around, there is one on the table that promises to put you in the know regarding ingredients. The SCiO is a handheld molecular sensor available for preorder that can analyze nearly every component it comes… read more

Is It Recyclable?

Of course recycling is a must, but sometimes it can be a time consuming venture. Drawers become stockpiled with cells, chargers and empty ink cartridges because we aren’t sure what to do with them. Things that don’t go into the regular recycling bin usually are put aside with good intention, but often get forgotten about in the daily bustle. Properly recycling used up or no longer wanted gadgets may take a bit more effort than just tossing them into a bin, but once you figure out what to do with them it can make the next time around easier. Check… read more

There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

Clouds on a sunny day are striking in their own right, but there is something about a storm cloud filled to its blurred edges and about to burst that is captivating. Emitting its internal rainstorm and fabricating its own sound to go along with the production is quite an impressive feat. Clouds and thunderstorms are often alluring themes for artists, architects and designers, often replicated in their creations. For example, the residential Cloud House is a sunny version of the sky decoration. Also, interior lighting designs like the Cloudy lamp and innovative and futuristic concepts like Passing Cloud and Head in… read more

PhoneSoap – See Why You Absolutely Need It!


Mobile phones have taken over from the handkerchief as the most likely household item to carry germs and bacteria. Even the toilet seat is ranked as a cleaner household item. A survey in the US found that more than 60 percent of iPad owners use their iPads to read news while in the restroom. The same device is then carried into the living room, the office, or the gym with the bacteria coming all the way. Phonesoap, a device which was funded by Kickstarter in 2012, is the solution to this unsavoury problem. The project was inspired by research which said that apart from viruses… read more

One Laptop Per Child Project

One Laptop Per Child

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project began several years ago, when a group of philanthropists in the tech world desired to make educating the world a priority through the use of technology. Basically, the idea is that everyone should have access to educational tools through computers and the internet. Unfortunately for underdeveloped nations, computer technology is extremely expensive in comparison to traditional textbooks. And finding teachers qualified to help their students learn how to operate these new devices is a challenge in itself. The OLPC project has been plagued by many obstacles through the years, including high costs, lack… read more

Creating eco-friendly robots

Image by Kristian Bjornard

When one thinks of an autonomous robot, one does not usually envision it being created out of paper, plastic, PVC, even cardboard. Yet, a few researchers are trying to change the way we think about robotics, and argue that its future is dependent on creating clean, eco-friendly machines. The image of the giant robot from the 1951 film ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ rings in my mind to this day. It was a mammoth machine, with power and capabilities way ahead of ours, even to this day. It’s not a practical design by today’s standards, and certainly won’t be… read more

Space Saving Media Storage That Doubles As Art

Space Saving Media Storage That Doubles As Art

Designs in gadgets and technology have definitely become more space-saving during the years. However, sometimes the only thing that is lost isn’t the product’s floor space. Often left behind is a presentation that makes gear visually appealing. One interesting take on technology design is a multimedia player that is attempting to bridge this gap called Qleek. It is a method for media storage that can play music and movies, and also works as a photo album, holds books, playlists, videos and stores files. Designed to liven up the look of digital libraries and sound systems, this project lets you have… read more

The Niwa System Makes Homegrown Easy

The Niwa System And App Combo Makes Homegrown Easy

Not everyone has the time or space for gardening. Picking your dinner straight from the backyard plot or container garden is definitely rewarding and healthy, but it does require a designated area and continual maintenance. For horticulturists that want to have all the benefits of fresh grown produce but without the worry of weeds, insects or having to keep up an outdoor area, hydroponic growing can be a perfect option. One indoor system has covered all the bases when it comes to a home hydroponic garden. The Niwa is a kit that works along with an app to grow fresh produce simply,… read more

Apps To Go Green

Green apps

Applications or Apps have completely invaded our digital world, flooding people with information. Their ability to put so much power and choice in the hands of ordinary consumers has entirely changed human interaction with the world. Therefore as many of these apps can help you to live your life in a more environmentally sustainable way it makes sense to download a few of the following suggested apps to your smartphone. Some of the applications mentioned are free, while others cost between 0.99$ to 6$. Green Meter This iPhone/iPad app simply computes your vehicle’s power and fuel usage characteristics and helps your… read more